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Wyclef Jean Handcuffed by LAPD: ‘Another Case of Mistaken Identity’

Wyclef Jean says he was improperly detained by the Los Angeles Police Department. The Haitian born singer and songwriter, who rose to fame with the Fugees, shared video to Twitter on Tuesday morning in which he’s in handcuffs next to a police car. “LAPD another case of mistaken identity,” he captioned it. “Black man with red bandana robbed a gas station as I was in the studio working but im in handcuffs?”

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In the video, there’s an officer on each side of him as he faces a police car that has its lights flashing. The three-time Grammy winner, 47, says, “In L.A. right now. Coming from the studio. … Y’all see the police have handcuffs on me. They just took off my Haitian bandana. That’s what’s going on right now with Wyclef. … The LAPD have me in cuffs for absolutely nothing.”

He posted a second video of the incident on Instagram, captioning it, “Why am I in Handcuffs!!!!!????? This is what I said to the LAPD after they put me in Handcuffs for mistaken identity !!!!!!!”

In that clip, he’s still cuffed and is asking someone off camera to provide the studio address — presumably so officers could corroborate his story. He then tells them in no uncertain terms, “Just so y’all know, I’m going to sue the LAPD. … You took off my hat. You put cuffs on me.”

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Reps for the LAPD and Jean have not yet responded to request for comment. On Sunday, Wyclef posted a photo of him in the studio with songwriter Diane Warren. In it, he is wearing a bandana — perhaps the same one — around his head. Warren called Wyclef’s new album “amazing,” adding that she wrote “the first song he’s ever recorded that he didn’t write or co-write. Can’t wait till everyone hears it — it’s so special!!”


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