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Wendy Williams Tumbles On Air Again – This Time It’s ‘The Flu’ Fault

No one is absolutely sure about what is going on with Wendy but we’ll have to accept her reasoning until we know otherwise. Today, it was announced that Wendy had flu like symptoms and had another dizzy/fainting spell which led to the Valentine Day show being cancelled.

In October we know that Williams collapsed on air from what was said to be heat exhaustion due to a heavier than expected Halloween costume.

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Wendy Williams – Getty Images

Wendy Williams, a talk show host who has lauded herself for never missing a day of shooting for her talk show or taking a sick day, has finally decided that she needs a break. It will be a quick one though, as it’s been announced that the 53-year-old talk show host will not do a show for Valentine’s Day because she is battling with the flu.

“In this flu season, Wendy is experiencing some flu-like symptoms,” said a spokesperson for the show in a statement to Us Weekly on Tuesday. “Wendy will air a repeat tomorrow, February 14.” This decision is said to be a big one since the show is in the middle of sweeps season. According to ScreenerTV, “sweeps” occur in November, February, May and July. And during these months, the ratings and measurement company Nielsen keeps a more detailed watch on what certain demographics are tuning into and how many people are watching some of your favorite shows. Fans of The Wendy Williams Show are less likely to tune into a re-run, which isn’t the best thing for this critical ratings period.