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Usher Reunites with Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox in the Studio

Usher’s made headlines in recent weeks for ALL the wrong reasons, but he wants us to know he’s hard at work on his next album. While we’ve been expecting some type of statement from Usher denying (or confirming) the herpes allegations, he just might be holding out and using this as an opportunity to drop a “Confessions Pt. 3.”

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We’re all waiting — so if he is addressing the allegations via song it should definitely get some attention.  So we all remember Usher‘s hit 2000’s album “Confession” right? Sold $20 million records worldwide, sent 9 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard 200, etc.. and Jermaine Dupri wrote it because HE was the one going through it, NOT Usher.

Excerpt from Billboard interview:

On the origin of “Confessions”

Jermaine Dupri: “‘Part I’ was basically the beginning of how we even got to Confessions. The name of the song was ‘All Bad,’ with ‘Confessions’ in parentheses. When we first started making this album, Usher was considered a clean artist. He had hit records but he wasn’t really in the media. The media only cares about those that are doing dirt, doing crazy shit. Those are the guys that garner these [magazine] covers.

“When we were talking about Usher’s new album, the PR people at Arista were saying they’re not getting a lot of bites for Usher to shoot covers. I couldn’t believe this, because we just came off “U Got It Bad,” and a bunch of big records and we felt like it was his time to turn into that superstar. But we was getting a lot of resistance and even L.A. [Reid] was saying to him, “Usher, all people talk about with you are your songs now. People talk about your songs but they don’t really know Usher the artist.’”

So, that conversation was the beginning of my head wrapping around, ‘How do I create a whirlwind around Usher and make Usher something to talk about? Make people want to go deeper into the person. That was my quest.

My whole thing was to create a ruckus. He had a girlfriend, Chilli. [I wanted to] create what girls think happens when we go to the studio. Women think it’s a party in there. They don’t think we working. I wanted everybody to start wondering: Who’s he talking about? What’s going on? Where’s this coming from? That was the goal. All that basically sums up ‘Confessions.’

“…this is what it is. ‘Part I’ was a story that you got caught up in, so it was like we gotta have a “Part II.”

“Once again, ‘Part II’ was supposed to be fantasy: Usher didn’t have kids; none of these things were going on. ‘Part II’ was all me, my whole life story, basically. I just had gone through ‘Part II’ in real life, so it was like as soon as he said he wanted ‘Part II,’ the chorus was already on the edge of my lips.

And even though ‘Part II’ was my story, it still was mysterious for him because if you got a girlfriend and you tell her you got a girl on the side who’s got a baby, it creates this mystique. It was so mysterious that Chilli actually started believing it. She started believing that these songs were about her. I heard her do an interview one day and she was talking about it like we wrote about her. No, no way. [Laughs]


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