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#UFC | Ronda Rousey & Amanda Nunes Fight OVER In 48 Seconds….

Ronda Rousey was clearly emotional after her stunning 48-second loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 but it turns out she wasn’t alone. UFC president Dana White spoke about the fight to FOX Sports in the immediate aftermath where Rousey suffered her second straight loss by knockout.

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According to White, Rousey’s fans were taking the loss just as hard as the former champion, who was clearly distraught following a lopsided beat down courtesy of Nunes. “The bigger shocker of the night, Ronda Rousey getting finished in 40 seconds, 45 seconds whatever it was. It was crazy,” White said.

“When I walked out of the arena, people were crying tonight.”

White spent a lot of time with Rousey after the fight and he says the 29-year old former Olympian was obviously in a bad place following the loss to Nunes. That being said, White admits that as bad as Rousey was on Friday night following the TKO loss to Nunes, she was still in a better place than her first defeat to Holm last November.

“I’ve been with her this whole time. Obviously she’s so competitive, she’s devastated but she’s a lot better than she was in the Holly Holm fight so she was backstage, obviously she’s upset,” White said. “She’s got a lot of support with her and I think it’s going to be a lot better than the Holly fight.”

As of now, Rousey hasn’t made any decisions regarding her future only saying she needed totake some time to reflect and think about the future“.

Kobe Bryant defends Ronda Rousey, calls himself a member of ‘media’

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Kobe took to Twitter on Saturday to ask for understanding and support for a fighter who changed an entire sport.

Kobe says: Instead of clapping for @RondaRousey defeat give her a standing O for putting the sport on the map

Black Sports Online’s Twitter account quoted Bryant and mentioned the fact that Rousey didn’t give anyone a chance to give her congratulations by skipping her post-fight press conference.

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BlackSportsOnline : We would have Kobe if she had come to the presser  

Bryant responded with another tweet asking for “understanding,” and referred to himself as “media.” 

Kobe Bryant : As media we should hold UNDERSTANDING the psychological and physical behavior of athletes above judgment. THIS is powerful content

So that’s an interesting little exchange, particularly the “media” part of Bryant’s response. 

The retired Lakers star had his retirement announcement published on The Players Tribune in the form of a letter to his younger self, and in August Bryant was revealed to be one of a number of investors sinking money into a media, technology and data fund supporting a number of companies in those fields.

So that investment could explain Bryant’s self-inclusion as a member of the media, and if he does continue to further entrench himself in the field, he might come to see why media members don’t get super jazzed when players won’t talk to them after career-changing moments.


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