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Tyrese Feels Someone Coached His Daughter on What to Say Against Him In Court

Tyrese firmly believes the permanent restraining order his ex, Norma Gibson, is trying to get against him is based on a story their 10-year-old daughter was coached into telling.

via TMZ:

Tyrese filed docs saying the only evidence his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, has is hearsay from their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla. He firmly believes the little girl has been coached by someone while under Norma’s care. Tyrese is not necessarily pointing the finger at Norma, but says someone coached Shayla.

He also says the only recent domestic violence incident was when Norma texted him saying she wanted to have his fingers cut off. She confessed, in a court declaration, to sending the message. 

As we reported … Norma’s trying to keep Tyrese away from her and Shayla, claiming the singer went into a rage and pushed Shayla to the ground and beat her.

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Tyrese thanks fans for support after allegedly checking into Los Angeles hospital for chest pains

Tyrese appears to be on the mend following a health scare involving his heart. The “Fast and Furious” actor tweeted a thank you to fans for supporting he and his family amid news that he checked into a Los Angeles hospital after a court date with ex-wife Norma Gibson. His message was accompanied by an Instagram post, which appears to have been deleted. “Guys……….. Me and my family appreciate your prayers and outpouring of love……” the beginning of the message read.

According to TMZ, Tyrese, 38, checked into an unknown L.A. hospital on Thursday night, not long after he wrapped up a court appearance with his ex-wife. The actor reportedly returned to his hotel room after their court battle and began having chest pains. Sources told TMZ he was feeling dehydrated as well and decided the best idea would be to pop into an emergency room. He’s said to have been treated with fluid and undergone testing related to the pain he experienced.

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TMZ spotted Tyrese leaving court on Thursday wearing all black. He told the outlet his outfit was symbolic, as the court date was a funeral of sorts for abuse allegations being hurled at him by his ex-wife who accused him of spying on her and claimed she was sometimes afraid of him. Tyrese has been vocal about their legal troubles, often posting about the drama on Instagram.

On Thursday he posted a photo of himself and wife Samantha Lee preparing to head into court. In the caption, he urged fans to be wary of going to war against their spouses writing, “no one wins in the end.

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“Please parents that are currently going through issues keep this in mind…… When parents go to war we effect the kids deeply…… But in everything me and we (SIC) wife go into.. We go into it rather GOOD or bad we count our blessings, are (SIC) stand WITH each other and pull from each others strength and power……..” he wrote.

In another Instagram post, he took aim at people “all in my private and family business.”  Tyrese urged fans to ignore “the way this all looks” and allow him to prove himself. “Just give me a few hours and watch God deliver on his promise…. #FatherGang Jesus Stripes….. The voice of the fathers who had public defenders, the fathers that felt like the ‘System’ no matter what didn’t speak with the ‘facts’ were plain as day……..” he captioned the image of himself behind the wheel of a car with a cigar in his mouth.

Tyrese has been accused by his ex-wife of being violent toward their daughter. He has vehemently denied these allegations.