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TV reporter fired for caring more about her shoes than story

A TV reporter caught on film being rescued from a puddle by townspeople in Mexico was axed for apparently caring more about her fancy shoes than the story she was there to cover.



Lydia Cummings, 24, was in the city of Puebla in central Mexico in late June when she was photographed getting ferried over a flooded street by a man and a woman.

She can be seen with her arms wrapped around both of their shoulders, clutching a microphone in one hand and a pink cellphone in the other, as the two townspeople hoisted her up from her legs, with their feet completely submerged in the murky floodwater.

The picture went viral almost instantly with the hashtag #LadyReportera and became the subject of dozens of hilarious memes.

She was Photoshopped on top of a white horse, into a Titanic scene and being drunkenly carried out of a Tequila bar, complete with a sombrero and a bottle of Jose Cuervo.

She was given the face of Jesus Christ in another, and was part of a winning soccer team celebrating their victory. She was criticized online for acting like a “Princessa” and being too concerned with her presumably expensive shoes and clothes.


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