This Job Pays $10,000 Per Month Just to Live in Cancun, Mexico

Looking for a part-time job? Mexico has an offer that’s pretty hard to refuse. Cancun, the popular vacation resort along the Mexican coast, says it’s on the hunt for a CEO—Cancun Experience Officer. And it will pay $10,000 per month and cover all expenses of whoever gets the six-month job.

If you’re interested in applying, you’ll have to be available to live in Cancun from March to Aug. 2018 without interruptions. And there’s a surprisingly thorough job application (which requires a one minute video) you’ll have to fill out as well.

And while the pay and benefits are pretty excellent, this isn’t a six month vacation. You’ll be expected to generate videos, social media posts, and blog posts for Of course, those sorts of things will require field trips and research, meaning you’ll also have to tackle such tasks as climbing a 3,000 year old pyramid or swimming with a whale shark. You’ll have to sleep overlooking pristine beaches. And odds are pretty good that a cerveza or margarita will be involved as well. says it will pick the top 100 candidates in December and weed it down to the top 50 on Jan 4. Five finalists will fly to Cancun later that month for the final selection process.

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Apply Now

We’re Hiring a Cancun Experience Officer: We will pay the right candidate $10,000/month to create videos, tell stories, and share their experiences living, playing, and discovering Cancun.

We’re looking for brand ambassador who can showcase the warmth, wonder, and essence of Cancun as one of the world’s premier vacation destinations. As CEO, you will get the chance to swim with whale sharks, explore the jungle, investigate ancient ruins, and much more. Over a period of six months, you’ll research, capture, record, and represent the destination for No experience is required to apply.

Why We’re Hiring? is a new joint venture between well-established travel technology experts in the United States and Mexico.
Our goal is to make the number one destination site in the world for Cancun discovery, planning, and travel booking. We want to reflect the wonder and warmth of Cancun itself. Over time, it will become a comprehensive and experiential resource for travelers, full of rich, authentic content including videos, images, and articles. The stories that we tell will both inspire and inform millions of travelers as the content is published on the site and across multiple social platforms.
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The selected CEO will receive a salary of $10,000 / month for 6 months. They will be housed in luxury hotels and resorts for the duration of their stay. All work-related accommodations, excursions, and equipment will be completely paid for by

Job Description

From March-August 2018, work with teams to:

·Create, edit, and promote content in video, photo, and written formats suited for an American audience.
·Post social media content on a regular basis and interact with a growing audience.
·Be an ambassador, point-of-contact, and subject matter expert (or be willing to become a subject matter expert through “field research”) for the US team.
·Participate in local media, marketing, and industry events.
·Give honest appraisals of activities, attractions, and services in Cancun and the surrounding areas.
The ideal applicant will have a unique eye for capturing stories, a warmth in interacting with others, a self-motivated work ethic, and a dedication to producing high-quality work. Read more in the Terms and Conditions…
CEO Qualifications/Requirements
1.Applicant must be over 18 before January 1, 2018 to apply. There is no age limit!
2.Must be fluent in written and spoken English
3.No former experience is required to apply—if you can make a video, apply!
Can I apply with my spouse, significant other, best friend, or hair stylist?
Read more in the Terms and Conditions…
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Hiring Process

APPLICATION PERIOD: Nov 7 2017 – Dec 17 2017 — Applications OPEN. Submit your application by 11:59 PM MST on December 17th to make sure we see your application!
During this stage, all who wish to apply should create a video for consideration. This video should be no longer than 1 minute long, and must be hosted on either Vimeo or Youtube. The purpose of this video should answer the question: What makes me’s ideal CEO?
VOTING PERIOD: Nov 8 2017 – Dec 24 2017 — Send friends, family, and followers to vote on your video and help your application gain traction!
·Make sure your submission conforms to all our Rules and Guidelines for appropriate content. While the final applicants will not be selected by votes alone, votes will help us get a good idea of which applicants are able to influence their audiences to action. Friends, family, and followers will be able to vote for their favorite application once a day from the time the application is submitted until the end of the voting period (December 24).
TOP 100 APPLICANTS SELECTED: Dec 25 2017 – Dec 27 2017
·The Top 100 applicants will be selected to be by a panel of representatives and be invited to create and submit a second video.
VOTING PERIOD FOR TOP 50 APPLICANTS: Jan 5 2018 – Jan 13 2018
·Out of the Top 100 applicants, 50 will be chosen to enter a second round of voting and further promote their application.
·A second panel of representatives will select the Top 5 applicants to participate in’s…
INTERVIEW EVENT: Jan 26 2018 – Jan 31 2018
· will fly the Top 5 applicants down to Cancun for a live Interview Event! Over a period of four days, these applicants will be “interviewed” during a series of events, conversations, individual and team challenges, as well as physical and skill-based assessments.
·During a live broadcast at the close of the interview event, the CEO will be announced.
·In March of 2018 (exact dates to be determined), the CEO will embark and begin their 6 month adventure. The employment term will end in August.
How to Apply
·Create a one minute video of who you are and why you would make a great CEO. Then post it on Youtube or Vimeo.
·Follow on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter (@CancunDotCom).
·Read and agree to the Campaign’s Terms and Conditions.
·Fill out and submit the application!
Ready To Go?
Have a question about the job or the application process? Check out our FAQs and/or our Terms and Conditions. If you have other questions, please send us a message via Facebook.