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The World’s Worst Marriage Proposals | Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


When you say you would climb any mountain for your love, it shouldn’t be literal. This young man apparently didn’t get the memo. In order to propose to his girlfriend, he decided to try to climb up a 600-foot tall rock in Morro Bay, CA, intending to propose to her via Facetime.

Already, it seems like a weird decision. Unfortunately, he got stuck 80 feet up and had to be rescued by helicopter. Adding insult to injury, he was held accountable for the cost of the rescue when police found out he was high on methamphetamines at the time.

On the other hand, his girlfriend apparently accepted the proposal. Not that anyone can blame her. She must have realized she was clearly dating a lunatic, and if this was what he was willing to do just to propose, he probably wouldn’t handle rejection like a sane person.


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