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The dad in your life might be hinting he’d like a Father’s Day gift that has more to do with grilling than grooming. But, to stop him from continuing to swipe your Le Mer face cream and Kerastase hair conditioner, why not get him a beauty tool kit of his very own?

This line up of gift sets, gadgets, “guy” scents and power glow pads will have dad wondering what he’s been missing all this time. (He’ll thank you for diminishing his razor burn and deeply cleansing pores, particularly after standing in front of grill smoke).

The only danger? Once he’s hooked, there may be no turning back to the basics, says Barry Beck, founder of beauty retailer Bluemercury and skincare line M-61, and a father of 3 himself. “Generally, men are afraid to change up their routine, so giving them amazing products for Father’s Day is a great way to sneak something in,” says Beck. “Once they find a product they love, they will use it forever. If a revered product is discontinued, look out — men who have to change their routine are worse than women trying to match a discontinued lipstick shade!”

Here are a few no-fail Father’s Day grooming gifts to get him started on a souped-up new regimen.

A Deep Clean 

Give dad’s skin a deep clean with products formulated with binchotan charcoal from Japanese ubame oak. This duo gently washes away impurities and absorbs excess oil. Beautycounter Clean Slate, $48 at


Smooth Shave 

Streamline his shaving regimen with products meant to give a smooth, enjoyable shave sans razor burns and ingrown hair. LAB Series Shave Smart. Stay Cool Set, $45 at


A rich face oil, shave cream and moisturizer made from organic ingredients and oils meant to hydrate and fight signs of aging. Tenzing’s Advenure Pack in Sandalwood, $55 at

Eliminate Razor Burns


Update his shaving routine to include this nourishing blend of botanical oils and herbal extracts that may just help heal dry skin and eliminate razor burn, nicks and cuts. F. Miller Shave Oil, $36 at

On-the-Go Kit

Dad will need something cool to house all of his new products. This brown leather dopp kit from Coach gets better with age and can be thrown into a suitcase on the go. Coach Men’s Dopp Kit, $175 at


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