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Tami Roman & Lil Mama To Star In Original TVONE Film; “Hit A Lick”

TVONE Original Movie: Hit A Lick

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Tami Roman (Basketball Wives Reality Star/Actress) and Lil Mama (Rapper/Actress) will star in TVONE’s new original movie “Hit A Lick”. Production started around August when casting agents posted looking for extras in the greater Atlanta area. The casting was helmed by Leah Butler, yes, Lee Daniels little sister! The film is said to be directed by actress Tasha Smith. Deadline announced the new programs coming to TVONE back in April and among the long list of things to come, “Hit A Lick: The Falicia Blakely Story” is among many coming between 2016-2017. Tami Roman took to IG to confirm.

“As covered by an episode of For My Man, Hit a Lick documents the unfettered true story of Falicia Blakely, who at the age of 16 met a man 11 years her senior. Within two short years, she would be a prostitute facing the death penalty for three murders. Harrowing and absolutely gripping, this is a story of self-destruction and what a woman will do in the name of love.”


The roles of each of these women have yet to be announced but considering Tami’s history as an actress, working in this business hustling while gaining popularity on Basketball Wives, and new comer, but dedicated actress Lil Mama coming into her own after the TLC Story, I’m excited to see this film and what these women can do!

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