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UPDATE: Xzibit Sued for Allegedly Selling Pesticide-Laced Marijuana

Ignacio Lee claims that he got sick off Xzibit’s strain of THC oil. The lawsuit states that Lee purchased Brass Knuckles branded THC Concentrate Vape Cartridges in Candy Apple and Sour Diesel. The rapper promoted the product on his ...
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Tips On How To Flush Marijuana Out Of Your System

Sometimes it can be good to detox a bit and flush marijuana out of your system, and sometimes you have no choice because you really want that job you applied for and you know you’re going to be ...
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Water Contaminated With Pot (THC) Chemicals in Small Colorado Town

A health warning has been sent out to residents of a small town on Colorado’s Eastern Plains: don’t drink the water. The town of Hugo’s public works department said Thursday afternoon the municipal water supply ...