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T.S. Madison’s ‘The Queens Supreme Court’ Breaks The Internet And Solidifies Her Rise

TS Madison may be having one of the best years of her life since literally blowing up overnight after the debut of her new hit series the Queens Supreme Court. Fans were pleasantly surprised when Madison revealed that Tiffany Pollard from the hit vH1 series I love New York, New York goes to work and Flavor of Love, season 1 and 2.

The first episode started off with a bang bringing in over 15,000 live viewers on Periscope and over 300,000 live viewers on Facebook breaking records for a live-streamed web series and, continue to rise in numbers, every week even landed TS Madison on the top of the explore page on Instagram this week alongside VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Tokyo vanity




To top it off TS Madison is also the first first black Trans woman to land a major hosting gig for the after show on the Fox network TV show “Star” Not only is TS Madison breaking records she is thriving well beyond expectations we caught up with TS Madison during her very big busy schedule and asked her all of her Newfound Fame keeps her going.

When is your next in-person appearance and how do you feel about all the success?

“Each Monday there’s a new face and personality sitting next to me! To bring their opinions and perspectives on all the things going on in the world and social media World! We look at things from a comedic eye and encourage our viewers to take a break from life and laugh a lil bit!!!”

What keeps you going despite the challenges of being the CEO and all the other things for your very popular new show?

“What keeps me Going is the Knowing that so many people want me to fail, But also the Knowledge that my TRUE fans and Fan Base have a personal connection with me and my story and PUSH me to persevere through all my ups and downs! Because they Win WITH!”