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Only In Atlanta: T.I. Gets Arrested For Having A Discussion With His Community Gatekeeper

T.I. was arrested on the morning of May 16, 2018, around 4 a.m. when he arrived at his gated community in Henry County, Georgia. He immediately noticed that the security guard on post that night, was sleep. T.I. apparently did not have his key with him and called out the guard for being sleep on the job.

T.I. believed that the guard should have recognized him since he did own property in the community. The guard called police and T.I. was arrested and charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness. The guard was Black and the police officers were White.

Although all details have yet to be released, it appears that T.I. may have been a profiled without cause. Because T.I. owns property in the community, the guard should have allowed him inside without issue. If the guard had doubt, he should have looked on a list of homeowners to verify that he lived in that area.

The three-time Grammy winner’s attorney, Steve Sadow, claimed in a statement to the AP that his client was “wrongfully arrested.” Shadow said that the guard refused to grant entry to T.I. even after he identified himself and confirmed with Tiny, 42, that he should be allowed inside the gated area.

T.I. is currently out on bond and attended his son’s, Major, birthday party that was held at his school.

Allegedly, the guard did let T.I. into the gated community but not after some words were exchanged. A little while later, T.I. had walked back to the guard to further discuss the issue and an argument allegedly ensued as T.I. was joined by a friend and the police were then called.

Story still developing….

UPDATE 5/17/2018 2pm

T.I. told officers he just wanted to get the guards name so that he could report him to the supervisor. At some point during the argument, T.I. called a friend and the two of them argued with the guard, officials said. The Henry County Police Department was called to the scene and T.I. and his friend were arrested. According to police, T.I.’s friend had a warrant out for his arrest. T.I. was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. He’s since been released after posting bail.


Full transcript:

Dispatch: Henry County 911, what’s the location of your emergency?

Guard: (Inaudible)

Dispatch: Sir, I’m sorry, I cannot hear you at all. It’s like there’s an echo. 

Guard: I have a (Inaudible) 

Dispatch: OK I understand you’re at Eagles Landing Country Club and you said someone’s coming back. What’s the address? 

Guard: It’s 100 Eagles Landing Way.

Dispatch: Okay, and who is coming back?

Guard: There’s a guest. Not a guest, but a resident who went back to his house and is walking back here at the guard’s house where I’m at. 

Dispatch: Hold on just a second for me, OK?

Guard: Certainly. 

Dispatch: Sir, are you far away from the phone because I am having a really hard time hearing you.

Guard: Yes ma’am. 

Dispatch: Am I on speaker phone?

(T.I. knocks on door in the background)

Guard: No ma’am.

Dispatch: OK, I can hear you a little better now so what’s going on? 

Guard: I’ve been threatened by a resident and he’s here now knocking on the door, threatening me and stuff.

T.I.: Are you sure about that? I own property out here bruh, you work for me. I asked you to step out. 

Dispatch: OK what’s your name? 

Guard: (Redacted)

Dispatch: OK what’s your last name? 

Guard: (Redacted)

Dispatch: What’s your phone number?

Guard: (Redacted) 

Dispatch: OK and what is the person’s name? 

Guard: I have no idea. 

Dispatch: Do you know what he looks like? Black, white, or Hispanic?

Guard: Light complexion  

Dispatch: I’m sorry? 

Guard: Light complexion 

Dispatch: OK so is he black, white or Hispanic?

T.I.: I hope you know what you’re doing. You called the Police on me.

Dispatch: Sir, what’s his race?

Guard: Yes ma’am.

Dispatch: What is his race? 

Guard: What is his what? Black 

Dispatch: OK. Do you know what he is wearing? 

Guard: A black striped shirt.

Dispatch: OK. Do you know if anybody has any weapons? 

Guard: I’m not sure ma’am.

Dispatch: OK. Do you have any? 

T.I.: Man, c’mon out here, man.

Guard: You say what? 

Dispatch: Do you have a weapon on you?

Guard: No ma’am.

T.I.: I own property on this property. You have been disrespectful and unprofessional. I asked you for your name and you would not give it to me. Will you please report yourself to me, sir. Identify who you are so I can handle this with your superiors. Who are you sir? What is your name? What is your name, sir?

Dispatch: Ok, so what happened? Like is there a reason why he’s threatening you? 

T.I.: We will stay right here until the police get here, bro. 

Dispatch: Sir?

Guard: Yes ma’am.

Dispatch: Is there a reason why he’s threatening you? What’s going on? What started this? (pause) Sir what started the argument? (pause) Hello?

Guard: Yes ma’am.

Dispatch: Yes sir. I’m asking you questions. Do you know what started this? 

Guard: Are you trying to help me or what? 

Dispatch: They’re on the way but I have to find out what’s going on. Do you know why he’s knocking on the door? 

T.I.: What’s your name, sir?

Guard: Well, he showed up trying to get in and I don’t know who he is and he started cursing at me.

T.I.: No I didn’t, sir. You were asleep, sir. You were asleep, sir. You woke up crazy in a panic because you were asleep, sir. And you mismanaged your post, sir.

Dispatch: Has anybody been drinking or doing any drugs? 

T.I.: What’s your name man? 

Guard: Say what?

T.I.: What’s your name man? 

Dispatch: Has anybody been drinking or doing any drugs that you are aware of? 

Guard: No ma’am 

T.I.: What’s your name man? 

Dispatch: OK, just ignore him, OK? 

Guard: OK.

Dispatch: It hasn’t been physical? 

Guard: Not at this time. 

T.I.: What’s your name man? 

Dispatch: Where are you inside? 

Guard: I’m at the guard shack.

Dispatch: The what? 

Guard: I’m at the main gate at the security entrance.

Dispatch: OK. Do you want me to stay on the phone with you while they’re in route?

Guard: Yes ma’am. 

T.I.: She can’t help you dawg. She can’t help you dawg. You gonna have to deal with me, man. When it’s all said and done. (Inaudible) When it’s all said and done , you gonna have to look me in my eyes and  man up and you gonna have to deal with me, sir. Ain’t no way around me, sir. Ain’t no way around me, sir. You will deal with me.

Dispatch: Just ignore that, OK?

T.I.: What you’re doing man is making it worse. All what you’re doing is making it worse. You could’ve just said my bad and we could’ve been on about our night. What you’re doing right now, man, you making it worse. You making this shit way worse for yourself, bro. I got all night. I got all night. We gonna get to the bottom of this, bro. (inaudible) Whatever your name is, we gonna find it and me and you gonna get to the bottom of this. You understand me? Ain’t nobody gonna get you out of this.
Dispatch: I can hear what he’s saying, OK? So just ignore him.

T.I.: Man, who coming man? The police coming? Your superiors coming? What’s happening? Who is coming? Who else on post? Who is your superiors? You understand me? I own property in here! You report to me! Who else is on post? (pause) Man look man, you want to step out the door out here, and talk about it out there in the streets? If you like, we can, we can, we can put it all out there man in the streets. We can just talk about it in the streets. You hear me? Bro? We ain’t gotta go to nobody else (inaudible). We can just talk right here.

Dispatch: Can he see you?

Guard: Yes ma’am.

Dispatch: OK.


Dispatch: Is he by himself?

Guard: No, he got another gentleman that he brought up here.

Dispatch: Another male is with him? Is he black also? Or white? Hispanic?

Guard: He’s black.

Dispatch: Okay, what color shirt is he wearing?

Guard: Black with a black… what do you call it? A rapper thing.

Dispatch: On his head?

Guard: Yes.

Dispatch: Okay, are they still there?

Guard: Yes, they’re still here.

Dispatch: OK, and as far as you know, you still don’t see any weapons correct?

Guard: No.

Dispatch: OK.

(Long pause)

Dispatch: OK, we have an officer who just pulled up. Can you see him?

Guard: OK, the police is here.

Dispatch: OK, I’ll go ahead and let you go.

Guard: OK. Thank you. Bye bye.