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Sports Illustrated Interview with Spyda and other AND 1 Teammates | @SpydasWorld

Former Streetballer and current entrepreneur ‘Spyda’ formerly of AND 1 is still making his mark in the world and has not forgotten about his roots with streetball.557469_10151560428912563_1333662790_n

Spyda was featured on the popular ESPN television series “Street Ball: The AND1 Mix Tape Tour” sponsored by Mountain Dew Code Red which lead to promotional endorsements with Gatorade and Sprite. Spyda was also the youngest African American to ever be placed on Gatorade bottles in China with Dwayne Wade.

After struggling with And1, The Dribbling Machine and Spyda are trying to find a way to make a lasting impact back on the streetball scene. As they say, the intent is to reinvent the wheel.

The impact of And1 and streetball has been so far reaching that Spyda is attempting to bring the original six back together for a reunion. “I’m doing transitional housing and I’m working a project right now 10to1-148723to bring back streetball,” Spyda said. “I’m open to working with any brand, even And1, Nike, Reebok to bring back the streetball, to help out the community, I’m doing transitional housing and I’m working a project right now to bring back streetball,” Spyda said.

“I’m open to working with any brand, even And1, Nike, Reebok to bring back the streetball, to help out the community. If you go and do your numbers, when we were touring and playing, there was not a lot of dropout in schools.

Guys were more active, women were more active, people were more active in getting in the gym and playing ball. Even if it was just getting in there dribbling and working on moves, it kept people off the streets. It was definitely an educational movement for the community, to keep people from getting in so Spyda 2much trouble.”

Sports Illustrated reports when And1 first came onto the scene, it provided a life-changing opportunity for some of New York City’s greatest streetballers.

Local legends Shane “Dribbling Machine” Woney, Wailyy “Main Event” Dixon, Anthony “Half Man, Half Amazing” Heyward, Dennis “Spyda” Chism and Robert “50” Martin would become known as the original six, players who shaped what streetball looked like for a mainstream audience and pushed And1 to the top.

And1 basketball has its roots laced tight on hundreds of outdoor battlegrounds, where the best come to prove themselves—Rucker Park, Dyckman, West 4th, Kingdom. New York City is the mecca of streetball and home to six basketball players who just wanted a shot. A shot at greatness, a shot at fame, better, a shot at being immortalized and proving they were more than what people thought, that they were the best non-NBA basketball players the world has ever known.550be7106994aa529c038a8917441b98

This reunion is more than something that Spyda is talking about, it is a movement he is actively prepping. Spyda, who has had several knee surgeries, continued working out and founded a company that will figure out how outsiders and the rest of the original six feel about a possible reunion.

“My thing is, get these guys at a round table, let’s talk about it, let’s set some goals and try and bring this thing back,” Spyda said. “I don’t want to use the word try, let’s do it. The community needs it right now. I think everybody wants to see us come back and do a reunion. I’m preparing my body and my mind like I have been doing the last five years. Even going through both my repairings on my knees to get me back to who I am, do what Spyda does, what Spyda do.

I plan on getting the guys back together to come up with a strategic plan. Should we go on the apparel route, or should we just go and just do us and bring the tour back. Even if we have to start one event at a time, just to get a buzz and get back out there. I created a company, I don’t want to say the name right now, but I created a company and just am seeing if guys are down for the movement to get back in the community. I want to get back to donating to the community.”

And1 has always been special. It created that barbeque atmosphere and gave players a chance at changing lives, and it was something that might only happen once in a lifetime, Half Man, Half Amazing says.

“And1 was lightening in a bottle,” Half Man, Half Amazing said. “Nobody saw it coming and I will always, always cherish the memories I have with And1 playing with my guys. To everybody out there who ever had a doubt that And1 was fake, this coming from the o.g. Half Man, Half Amazing, we were the truest ball players out there. You will never be able to put a team together like that ever again. Period. Things like that only come around once.”


Recently NBA player Marreese Speights #5 with the Golden State Warriors has been reminiscing about his childhood and being a fan of ‘Spyda’. Speights said

Being young is pretty cool too. I don’t mean this in a “kids don’t appreciate their childhood” kind of way. It’s very hard to appreciate living in a moment when you don’t yet have a strong grasp on the idea that certain moments will eventually cease to exist and then get replaced with a quicker one. Or a better one. Or a worser one. Time only accelerates. Memories are part of that. Could be bad. Depends how it goes for you. I wish you the best.

But I remember being a kid because I used to be one once. I remember Spyda. I remember “Servin’ it up! Dinner’s served!” I remember thinking I was awesome when I first hit a crossover behind another dude’s back then stepping back to miss a jumper as he spun around trying to find where the ball went. I remember missing jumpers. I remember that a lot.

Well, the merits of the rivalry are debatable. But Mo Buckets did indeed agree to join the Los Angeles Clippers, according to The Vertical.  It’s the Warriors’ latest free agent departure following Kevin Durant’s arrival. As Harrison Barnes, Brandon Rush and Leandro Barbosa signed elsewhere, Speights congratulated each on Twitter.

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 19: Marreese Speights #5 of the Golden State Warriors reacts to a play against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals at ORACLE Arena on June 19, 2016 in Oakland, California. NOTE TO -- USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

“Been grinding everyday getting ready for any situation…” the eight-year NBA veteran tweeted Wednesday.

Speights averaged 7.1 points and 3.3 rebounds in 72 games off the bench last season, his third with the Warriors. He went 24 fo 62 from 3-point range for a career-high 38.7 percent — a significant boost from 27.8 the previous year.

In the Warriors-Clippers playoff series of 2014, Speights averaged 6.3 points and 3.1 rebounds in nearly 10 minutes per game. He did not take a 3-pointer. Since then the Warriors are 7-1 against L.A.

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