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Serena Williams To Launch Her Own Cosmetics Line Called “Aneres”

The Kardashians and Rihanna can make room for Serena in the makeup world as she is ready to launch her own line.

(Madamenoire) Are you ready for a cosmetics line by the incomparable Serena Williams? TMZ reported that the tennis champ has filed legal documents to trademark “Aneres,” which is “Serena” spelled backward. She will use that name for a new cosmetics line that will include all the stuff that you would expect – makeup kits, bath soaps, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. Williams has previously used the name “Aneres” for a clothing line, but she will recycle that name for her upcoming beauty line.

We are accustomed to seeing Williams in a more athletic light. She dominates on the court, but don’t forget that when she gets all dressed up, she also dominates red carpets.

At last year’s Met Gala, the 36-year-old looked stunning in a custom Atelier Versace emerald city green gown, but what brought the look together was her makeup. L’Oreal Paris celebrity makeup artist, Sir John, explained that for Serena, going “minimalist” was best. “We really wanted to go for a fresh, minimalistic look for Serena,” he explained. “She had a gorgeous dress with a bold color, so we opted for matte skin and golden eyes. I really wanted her to look natural and like her best self.”

Because Sir John did her makeup, all of the products were by L’Oreal. Although she looked beautiful, it spoke to the lack of black-owned and -created makeup lines. And this is why Serena entering the beauty industry is so important.

We saw how successful Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty Beauty, was when it debuted last year. The singer’s attention to the needs of women of color spoke volumes. Word-of-mouth spread like fire, and I’m sure you have at least one Fenty Beauty product currently in your makeup bag. I even have the “Stunna” lip shade, and I’m not an expert in makeup at all. It’s just that the color fits my tone perfectly. Although news of Williams coming out with a cosmetics line is fresh off the presses, I do hope that the star will focus on creating a more diverse line for her fellow women of color. We need it.