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Sad Announcement: ‘L&HH’ Star Rod ‘Shooter’ Gates’ Son Shockingly Killed

‘L&HH: Atlanta’ star Rod ‘Shooter’ Gates announced on August 7 that his eldest son, Rod Jr., tragically passed away. He mourned his late son in a touching Instagram post to his friends and followers.

Rod “Shooter” Gates took to Instagram on August 7 with a heartbreaking announcement — his beloved son had passed away. It’s unclear from Shooter’s post what led to Rod Jr.’s untimely death, but MTO reports that he was allegedly involved in a car accident. Rod’s son was very young, and had his whole life ahead of him. “I been through a lot in my life, but I think this is the hardest sh*t ever,” he wrote, in part, on Instagram. “A parent is never supposed to bury his child.” Shooter wrote that he had just spoken to his son before his death. He told him that he couldn’t come hang out with his father and younger brothers because he was throwing a party. His last words to Rod Jr. were, “ok son, be safe.”

While MTO reports that Rod Jr. was allegedly in a car accident, his father’s wife, Sierra Gatesimplied on Instagram that he was reportedly killed in a shooting. “Dear shooters, Before you pull that trigger just know you are taking someone’s child. Brother. Best friend. Uncle. Dad. The list goes on. My Sons & Daughter big brother is gone and I have to explain to them why. Rest up@rodhighdemand I love you we will miss you so much. @eg_smiles @goodshooter& #Phill I’m so sorry love you guys.”

Rod Graves & Rod Graves Jr.

This story is still developing. Swagggirlicious Media will keep you posted as more information becomes available, our thoughts are with the Gates family during this difficult time.


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