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Romeo Miller Posts Emotional Response to New Development in Uncle C-Murder’s Trial

“Growing Up Hip Hop” star Romeo Miller is rejoicing after a new development in his uncle C-Murder’s trial means the “Down for My N’s” performer could be released.

One of the two key witnesses who identified C-Murder, whose real name is Corey Miller, as the sole gunman in a fatal 2002 New Orleans nightclub shooting, recanted his testimony. In a sworn statement, Kenneth Jordan said he was pressured by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives to lie or be charged, according to The New Orleans Advocate.

C-Murder’s attorney Paul Barker filed a memorandum Tuesday, June 26 saying the recently obtained affidavit from Jordan, permits a hearing and the release of his client who’s been serving a life sentence in the slaying of 16-year-old rap contestant Steve Thomas.

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“On countless occasions (both prior to making his statement and prior to testifying at trial), Mr. Jordan told members of law enforcement and prosecution that his 2003 recorded statement to the JPSO officers was not true, that the person he saw commit the shooting was definitely not Corey Miller, and that he did not want to lie under oath about Corey’s involvement,” Barker wrote in the filing.

“At no time during the 15+ years of proceedings in this tortured case has the state once disclosed this information to Mr. Miller himself, or to Mr. Miller’s attorneys,” he added.

When Miller heard the news of the recanting, which will be covered on the Investigation Discovery show “Reasonable Doubt,” he promptly celebrated on Instagram.

“My Uncle C has been serving a life sentence behind bars for something he didn’t do and today the whole world knows he’s innocent. The witness recants his testimony and says he was pressured into identifying the “famous rapper”. Good or bad, one thing I know about life is that we may not understand everything, but everything happens for a reason and although we all aren’t treated as equal we must keep faith. GOD’s strongest soldiers are given the toughest battles, just look at Joseph story in the Bible! My uncle Corey was just being prepared for his real blessings! The devil tried to break this family apart, but we only got stronger. I rarely cry, but today I have tears of joy. | #GodsTiming.”

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Fans poured out with supportive messages.

“LOOK AT GOD!!!!!🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌.”

“Congratulations C-Murda back on da block.”

“This is some great news 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.”