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OneUnited Bank Is Using World Renown Artist Addonis Parker Painting called “Mona” for Their Marketing Campaign

Hello World, meet Addonis Parker CEO of ArtForever Miami Inc. Who is Addonis Parker? Glad you asked…  According to the president of OneUnited Bank, they seem to know Addonis and very glad that they do since they chose to use one of Parkers painting for the banking campaign.

OneUnited Bank is the first black-owned internet bank, after the wake of recent protests over police-involved deaths of black men, business has increased tenfold. In addition to the history that is being made Addonis Parker will have a personal story on how he helped heal the world through his art.


I am an advocate for the freedom of expression. I find it necessary to include small forms of nature in my work. Nature holds the key to serenity and extreme craftsmanship from a higher source? God.  Another fact, being self-taught eliminates the fear of freestanding risk taking in my opinion. My work is in fact intense, prophetic, thought provoking, spiritual, emotional, and maybe controversial. I have accepted this crown of distinction and all the disciplines it may provide.  I choose not to classify my work nor will I receive a commercial stamp to categorize my ability and thought process. I am an American artist who just paints. I paint for the love of creation and the respect and honor of my past forerunners who had neither the opportunities nor the civil rights to become what I am today. It is my eternal pleasure to carry a brush and use it limitlessly. I will continue to be me in my work and in my community as well. Art to me is therapeutic and the essential foundation of every community around the world. The absence of the opportunity of art —–is the absence of civilization.

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