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Melle Mel Says Jay Z Is A Straight Clown; Shades Eminem’s Skills

When will Melle Mel LET IT GO? Apparently Melle Mel is still NOT here for Jay Z! In 2015, the Furious Five pioneer ripped Hov, J. Cole Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross for not respecting Hip Hop, while praising Macklemore (who had put Melle on his track ‘Downtown) for knowing his history.

A few years ago Melle spoke out against Jay Z and others after Macklemore & Ryan Lewis faced criticism for their performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards where they brought out Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, and Kool Moe Dee.

While Macklemore & Ryan faced backlash, Melle Mel said that cats like Jay Z would’ve never reached out like they should to incorporate the legends of Hip Hop, like himself, into something they are doing. So yes it took the white kids to do so, according to Melle.

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If you are into your reality TV shows, you know that First Family Of Hip Hop is always action-packed with something going on. Apparently Lady Luck and Somaya Reece are planning to link with Jay Z’s nephew to try and get put on a new song.

Melle Mel also wastes no time letting it be known that he is still not a Jay Z fan. When the “kids” ask Melle about his thoughts about the current state of Hip Hop, he explains that it’s a whole lot of garbage and posing going on. He even goes in on Jay!

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Melle went on to say he could beat Eminem in a battle, and it would be the easiest thing he ever did — another remark that was met with baffled faces. Mel is OG as it gets. In fact, he’s credited with inventing the term “Hip Hop.”

“Jay Z. He’s a white guy. He’s a white businessman. He’s a clown,” said Melle Mel. Melle even believes that he could beat Eminem in a rap battle! Melle isn’t letting up.

Click HERE to see Melle’s Jay Z diss.


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