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Meet the Stunning Amputee Blogger #Caxx Challenging Beauty Standards

Travel and fashion blogger Cax is changing the conversation about body positivity and diversity. At the age of 14, Cax was diagnosed with bone and lung cancer and given three weeks to live. Fortunately, she survived but had to have her right leg amputated. Today, Cax has a prosthetic leg and walks with forearm crutches.

This hasn’t stopped the inspiring woman from doing anything she sets her mind to. She’s traveled to 20 different countries and even had the opportunity to model.

But her success hasn’t been without obstacles. On her blog, Cax writes about people’s perception of her, and their sometimes cruel words. She honestly discusses her struggle with self-love and bravely shared one of her biggest fears as a teenager: “Here I was at 16 being told I needed to have an amputation, risking infection and even death, and all I could think of was will anyone ever love me post-amputation.”

After her first boyfriend confessed that that he thought there might be something wrong with him for being attracted to her, Cax says she was angry, sad, and depressed and that occasionally his words still resurface in her mind.

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Others may think they’re encouraging her, even when they aren’t. “Walking down the street with crutches and a prosthetic leg, people often shout ‘you go girl! You’re still beautiful,'” she shared. “STILL? I AM beautiful and I’m here to show you how beautiful I am inside and out.”

Cax wants to change traditional beauty standards. She explained, “I haven’t been too content about the mainstream imagery of beauty. I’ve made it my personal mission to infiltrate the beauty industry.”

The blogger is frequently asked how she came to accept herself, but admits it’s not always easy. “The truth is, like many people, I’m on the long road to self-love,” she said, “and there are many obstacles ahead.” Her honesty is refreshing and reminds her followers that it’s OK to be vulnerable and sometimes to feel insecure.

Cax is more than just beautiful; she’s strong. She posts photos with and without her prosthetic, sometimes showing her scars, and is brave enough to admit that it isn’t always easy for her. By confidently being herself, she serves as incredible inspiration for her loyal Instagram followers (all 78.5 thousand of them!). Read on to see more shots of Cax’s awesome sense of beauty style.


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