Maryland Teacher Under Fire For Racist, Degrading Posts About Black Students

Everyone should be up in arms and demanding the IMMEDIATE FIRING of Kelly Forostiak. She is a disgrace to those who really love there job of teaching. She is a poor representation of what it means to being instrumental in anyone’s future.  I bet you this, this would never happen in the schools of Bedford Heights. (A lil shameless plug if your thinking about relocating)…

Anywho, this simple 24-year-old Maryland school teacher, should have Image result for Kelly Forostiakreconsidered before posting several degrading, racist images of her students on her private Instagram page.

Forostiak, an elementary school teacher at Deer Park Elementary School, was exposed after an undisclosed source sent the images to the Atlanta Black Star. The source alleged Forostiak constantly posts images of her students, using them as props.Image result for Maryland Teacher Under Fire For Racist, Degrading Posts About Black Students


One image shows a young Black boy dressed in a sombrero and a mustache. The caption reads: “This is an African-American Mexican #HappyHalloween.” Image result for Maryland Teacher Under Fire For Racist, Degrading Posts About Black Students

“When all the kids and staff are questioning your lipstick but you just flash the ‘bitch I’m cute AF’ face,” Forostiak wrote underneath a second image of a young Black girl wearing light makeup.

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When Forostiak was taken to task by another commenter over her caption, she responded with, “It is okay they are 11 going on 18 hahaha.”

Her Instagram page has since been deleted, but community members are outraged and want to know what specific disciplinary action the Baltimore County School District Image result for Kelly Forostiakintends to take. A third image shows Forostiak outside in a group photo with her students. “Field day with my little assholes that I somehow still love,” the caption read.

Mic spoke with Mychael Dickerson, chief communications officer for Baltimore County Public Schools, who confirmed Forostiak received disciplinary action, but would not speak to what extent.

“She’s very regretful and sorry for having posted the image and she understands it was inappropriate,” Dickerson told Mic. “She is accepting the disciplinary action put forth by the human resources department.” 

According to the Star, several Facebook users have called for Forostiak’s termination.

If you feel compelled to want to do something, here you are.. for starters, you can call the school:  Deer Park Elementary School mention in regards to: Kelly Forostiak and your wish for the public to know more about the disciplinary action that are being taken.

Call the Superintendent 443-809-4281 and demand that she is fired IMMEDIATE


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