Marijuana Breathalyzer Called #TheHound Is Being Tested By Police In CA On Drivers

Looks like the “WAR On Drugs” is back on in the USA except this time instead of going after the big drug smugglers the police will now be going after the weed smokers while driving. A breathalyzer to help law enforcement police marijuana smoking drivers is being tested in California as we speak.

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The marijuana breathalyzer, named The Hound, is put to use when a police officer pulls over a driver who is observed to be driving erratically. The driver blows into a tube in the device, twice and indicates that it has enough breath for testing purposes. A chemical analysis then locates and isolate the THC molecules in the sample. Once the process is complete, the test results —THC levels measured in parts per trillion or picograms — are displayed on the screen.

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Drivers tested in California were not arrested or charged, but those who did test positive for THC were not allowed to continue driving, reported RT.  Hound Labs, the company behind the device, is aiming to distribute the devices to law enforcement across the U.S. during the first half of 2017.

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Swagggirl: If they are not arresting people after they test them, then what is the purpose of the test? Who is paying for all these officers to have “The Hound”? Michael Jackson already warned us that “They Don’t Really Care About Us”


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