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Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance & Drone Heaven

Today’s the day and Lady Gaga is reportedly capturing her moment from every single angle there is from the ground to the sky with hundreds of drones looming in the sky of the NRG Stadium.

via NY Daily News:

Gaga, 30, who is set to take the stage on Sunday for her first time, will be incorporating lit-up drones by the hundreds, a source close to production told CNN. The area surrounding NRG stadium in Houston is in an area where drones are banned by the Federal Aviation Administration, so the organization had to provide clearance for the event. A rep from FAA said special approval wouldn’t be needed for the performance since it is a domed stadium. 

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This will be the first time drones are part of a halftime show. It was first speculated that Gaga would use drones after a volunteer at the stadium took a video of drones forming the letter “G” in lights. The project is reportedly helmed by Intel, who worked to create the pop star’s innovative David Bowie tribute performance during last year’s Grammys.

Intel did not respond to a request made for comment.

Well we’ll be on the lookout for this epic moment!


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