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Katt Williams arrested on suspicion of battery after dispute at Studio City hotel


Comedian Micah “Katt” Williams was arrested Sunday morning on suspicion of battery on a woman at a Studio City hotel, police said. Officers were called to the Sportsmen’s Lodge at Ventura Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon Avenue about 11 a.m. after a female employee reported being in an altercation with Williams, Los Angeles Police Sgt. Gary Chilingarian said.

 The unidentified woman suffered a minor injury following a dispute with Williams, Chilingarian said. Williams, 44, was booked on a misdemeanor count of battery and held in jail on $20,000 bail. He was released about 4 p.m. and is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 18 in Van Nuys, according to jail records. A representative for Williams could not be reached for comment.

Sunday’s arrest is the latest for the “Scary Movie 5” actor, who was charged in March with disorderly conduct after getting into a fight with a 17-year-old in Georgia.

He was placed in custody and booked into jail in a charge of misdemeanor battery. Williams’ bail is reportedly set at $20K and at this time he is still in jail. This could mean serious trouble for the comedian, who has been arrested multiple times in 2016. His first arrest in February of this year occurred in Gainesville, Georgia after he allegedly assaulted a clerk at a pool supply store. When police arrived, Williams was laying on his stomach with his hands behind his back outside the business waiting to be cuffed by police. He was booked into the Hall County, Georgia jail and later released on a $5K bond. Then in March he was arrested for fighting a 17-year-old teenager and charged with disorderly conduct. A video of the fight soon went viral as the teen, Luke Walsh, got the best of Williams and put him in a chokehold, causing the comedian to say “that’s enough.” Williams was later released from jail on a $500 bond in that incident. At his court appearance for that charge, Judge Elizabeth Reisman stated, “I really don’t think you want to see me anymore and I don’t want to see you back in my court.”

Also in March, he was the subject of a no-knock warrant at his home where police arrived after a man identified as Corey Dixon reported that he was assaulted at Williams’ home. Dixon alleged that he was working as a bodyguard for the comedian who wanted him to participate in a criminal act. When Dixon refused, he was allegedly tied to a chair and beaten with a baseball bat by one of Williams’ female companions. When police arrived, they found guns and marijuana and Williams was allegedly covered in chocolate at the time of his arrest. He was later charged with aggravated assault, terrorist threats, and false imprisonment and his bail was set at $60K. Williams had to surrender his passport and was ordered to abstain from alcohol and illegal drugs and not be in possession of any firearms.

In April of this year, he was arrested at the popular metro Atlanta seafood restaurant Spondivits. Williams allegedly threw a salt shaker at a the manager’s face and cut his lip. The incident came after Williams and his party argued with staff over a table they were sitting at that was reserved for another party. Williams also was accused of pointing a gun at a group of women because one of them stated that fellow comedian Kevin Hart was funnier. Police at the scene placed Williams in handcuffs as they investigated the incident but did not arrest him at the time. The women involved in the altercation plan to file a civil lawsuit against Williams for the alleged assault. Williams was also involved in a fight at a Philadelphia nightclub after he tried to punch a man onstage during a concert. No charges were filed in that incident and once again video emerged showing the comedian’s erratic behavior.

Williams is still facing a trial over an altercation with a photographer in 2014 along with former rap mogul Suge Knight. Williams and Knight were charged with robbery.


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