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Jim Carrey Says He’s Being Extorted Over Ex-girlfriend’s Death & Reveals Details About the Illuminati

A Los Angeles judge has ruled that Cathriona White’s claims that Jim Carrey gave her STDs before she committed suicide will be admissible in the wrongful death lawsuits brought by her mother and ex-husband. Documents obtained by DailyMail.com reveal the judge shot down Carrey’s motion to remove all allegations that he transmitted STDs to Cathriona, saying the actor’s privacy concerns are not a top priority.

Brigid Sweetman, White’s mother, is suing the actor for wrongful death blaming him for her daughter’s 2015 suicide. White’s estranged husband, Mark Burton, also filed a wrongful death suit against the Dumb and Dumber actor.

A LA judge ruled Cathriona White's (left) claims that Jim Carrey (right) gave her multiple STDs can be used as evidence in her mother's wrongful death suit. She died in 2015 from an intentional overdose of Ambien, Percocet and Propranolol

Carrey claims they were not close to White at the time of her death and are trying to capitalize on the tragedy. Sweetman accused Carrey of giving White multiple STDs during their relationship and said when White confronted him he called her a ‘whore’. They dated on-and-off for three years. Under California law, willfully exposing someone to a STD can constitute a cause of legal action for intentional infliction of emotional distress, a factor which can be relevant in determining a cause of suicide.

Burton claimed in an earlier complaint his estranged wife was tested for STDs prior to her relationship with Carrey. Text messages allege she took a test one week after she began sleeping with the actor and later learned she contracted Herpes I, Herpes II and gonorrhea.In papers filed May 31, the judge made her decision on several important issues in the case, including the STD accusations.

Sweetman and Burton both sued demanding general damages, funeral and burial expenses and punitive damages. The judge set the trial date for April 26, 2018. Sweetman also alleges Carrey provided her daughter with medication which would violate the Drug Dealer Liability Act. Carrey has repeatedly denied providing White with drugs, claiming she stole the fatal dose of Ambien, Percocet and Propranolol from him.

Carrey filed a motion to strike the majority of the factual allegations in the complaints. He argued alleged transmission of STDs to White had no relevance to the case, contained private medical information and the statements were simply scandalous and abusive. Carrey also wanted the allegations concerning him backing out of paying for the funeral expenses removed from the complaint.

The judge reviewed the evidence and testimony and sided with the plaintiffs. She states that the allegations concerning his offer to pay for the funeral expenses are relevant and may provide contextual information to the nature of the relationship Carrey had with White before her suicide. In regards to the STD allegations, the order states they are ‘wholly relevant’ and inextricably a key factual basis for the causes of action in the lawsuit and denied Carrey’s motion to strike them.


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