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Houston Shooter Killed By Police Was An Indian-Origin Lawyer

Houston shooter who went on a rampage, firing at nine people on Monday, was an Indian-origin lawyer with Nazi sympathies.

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According to the authorities, Nathan Desai, with apparent Nazi sympathies, was wearing military-style clothes with Nazi symbols during the 20-minute shooting spree where he fired at passing cars. Police said that they did not know what prompted Desai to shoot at people at random.

All his victims survived; one person was critically injured and five others were hospitalized, Houston’s Acting Police Chief Martha Montalvo said.  Montalvo described the shooter as a lawyer who was having problems at his law firm. When police tried to subdue him, he shot at them and was killed when the cops returned fire, Montalvo said. The shooter’s father, 80-year-old Prakash Desai said that his son was “worried” because his law practice was not doing well.


A Houston daily reported that the police found in his apartment several military items that date back to the Civil Image result for Nathan DesaiWar. They found a Thompson sub-machine gun in his Porsche and a 0.45 caliber handgun that he used against the police.

The daily said that the police used a robot to examine his car and his flat for explosives.


This is the second mass shooting by a person of Indian origin in the US in more than a decade.

In 2003, at the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Biswanath Halder went on a rampage, taking hostages, killing a graduate student and leaving a student and a professor injured.

He was a graduate of the university’s business school. He was captured alive and sentenced to life after a trial.

In January 2016, Mainak Sarkar caused a lock down at the University of California at Los Angeles and killed a professor before committing suicide. Later, it was found that he had also killed his wife.

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