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Health | Amy Grant’s Daughter Donates a Kidney to Her Best Friend

Contemporary Christian singer Amy Grant’s daughter Gloria Mills Chapman donated a kidney to her best friend on Tuesday.Hours after Amy Grant’s daughter, Gloria Mills Chapman went into surgery on Jan. 24 to donate a kidney to her friend, family members posted a heartwarming update on her condition.

The 27-year-old, who goes by “Millie,” is Grant’s second child with her former husband, singer-songwriter Gary Chapman. Gary posted a status on Facebook on Monday asking for prayers the night before their daughter went into surgery.

(Courtesy: Millie Chapman, Kathryn Dudley)

On Tuesday, he posted an update stating Millie and her friend Kathryn Dudley were both in recovery after successful operations. Grant posted on her Facebook page Wednesday, stating, “We are so proud of Millie’s selfless act of friendship and are grateful that both girls are doing well after yesterday’s surgeries…”

Gary Chapman helping his daughter Millie walk down the hall. He said on his Facebook page, “I’m so proud of her, words fail me.” For Millie and Kathryn though, it’s just another chapter. Their bond now as strong, as their scars are fresh. “She’ll forever be a part of me,” said Dudley.

If all goes as planned, we’re told Millie will hopefully be discharged on Thursday and Kathryn on Friday.

Now that’s news that we are so happy to hear!

Kathryn, left, and Millie (Photo: WKRN)

Millie’s stepsister and Vince Gill’s daughter Jenny Gill also posted an update that showed Millie in the hospital, enjoying a visit with her mom. “My sister, the superhero,” she wrote. “She and her friend are doing very well and are on a lot of drugs. As country fans may recall, Millie served as the muse for Amy’s 1991 hit “Baby, Baby” and even joined her mom on stage with her at the 1992 GRAMMY Awards.


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