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French Montana Ordered to Pay Deb Antney $2 Million

French Montana has a problem communicating and honoring his contract, like most of these artists of today. I was just telling someone that it is time to start holding artists/clients accountable for their contracts. If an artist hires a PR for a year of service and then in three months decides he needs to work on his career more, that’s fine, but the artist still needs to honor and pay as agreed. If a PR is expecting $12k a year then that is what she should get not, $3k and then the contract is cut just because.

NO different than a car note, the lender doesn’t care if you loose your job, you still have to pay your car loan each month until your car is paid off. Same should go for business.

Anywho, the rapper has been ordered to pay Deb Antney, Waka Flocka’s mother, $2 million as the result of a lawsuit she filed last year.

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The Blast According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Antney’s company, Mizay Entertainment, filed for a sister state judgment stemming from a $1,999,588.41 judgment she won against French last year. Mizay won the judgment in Georgia and the sister state judgment allows the company to collect in California. 

Antney won her lawsuit against French in 2017 (and no one noticed) for $1,864,012.50 and was subsequently awarded $135,140.91 more for interest when the final judgment was entered in January 2018. Based on the court documents, it seems French never responded to the lawsuit.

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French Montana

Antney initially sued French, who used to be a client of hers, in 2013 claiming he went behind her back to make deals.