Drunk Porsche Employee Gets Fired After Harassing a Group of Black Patrons In Atlanta

I guess Miss. Mary Poppins found out just how un-privileged she really is. She may have been the first to laugh at what she thought was cute but it looks like Kodili and her friends got the last laugh!

(The Roots) Kodili Okechuwu (pronounced like “Cuddly”) was part of a group of six black professionals out celebrating a birthday at the Overdrive Lounge last Thursday.

“We were loving it, we were all talking about how we were gonna tell everyone else about it and come back,” Okechuwu told The Root. That is until #LineSteppingLisa came on the scene.

An older Asian woman, who appeared to be drunk, plopped down on the birthday party couch and began talking loudly to other people. At first, Okechuwu’s group ignored her, but when they politely asked the woman to leave she refused, first demanding that they prove the table was reserved and then just ignoring them and inviting her other friends to the couch.

“So I started filming her, I just wanted to shine a light on her face, like scare her off like a rabbit or something,” Okechuwu said.

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Unfortunately it wasn’t rabbit season, because not only did the woman not move but she went full Rick James and started telling the black folk to “Shut the fuck up” and insisted that she wasn’t moving. The party complained to the manager, Ricardo Pomales, who appears to be much more accommodating to the party crasher than the people she was harassing.

Drunk on privilege and smirking with satisfaction, the woman tells the manager maybe if the group had been nicer she would have considered moving. At the same time the manager is coddling this woman, he turns around demanding that Okechuwu stop filming this four-act play of privilege for “privacy reasons.”

After almost 10 minutes of not asking #LineSteppingLisa to get up and move, a member of the party tapped the manager on the shoulder to ask when the woman would be escorted out. On the video above, you can hear Pomales yell “Please don’t touch me or I’ll have you escorted out of here!” He then follows up by telling the black party of six that they’re being “aggressive” while the woman is laughing in the background with her friends, putting her muddy shoes all up on that couch. Frustrated and embarrassed, the black folks start to leave making it clear this wasn’t over.

Watch The Proof:

After telling 4 times to ‘Shut the fuck up’ and the guy calling this woman a ‘Girl’ someone from the hotel attempted to talk to the drunken pair…..

The drunk lady then proceeds to tell the hotel employee that she was not moving and so there she continued to sit. Not looking too interested in having a ‘Woman To Woman’ talk to me…

After the employee couldn’t get the drunk lady and her pal to move he decided to turn on the guests who had a ‘Birthday Reservation’ and they ended up leaving. We all know, if the tables were turned, the employee wouldn’t have had one issues in calling either security or the police…. (This is the non-black peoples new thing now)

As usual, black people always having to rationalized the ape ass behavior of the privileged people. But in the end, I hope the drunken lady can find something better to do with her now freed up time.

When will the nonseasoned and nonseasoned-adjacent learn that Black Twitter is undefeated when it comes to these kinds of stories? I should pitch a show to BET about a group of black internet detectives who spend all day taking video screenshots and finding white supremacists, #BBQBeckys and Starbucks managers. Okechuwu posted video of the whole ordeal on Friday, August 10 and by Monday morning she got a DM anonymously identifying the woman as Sonya Pate, a customer experience manager at Porsche in Annapolis, Md.

Okechuwu made several attempts to contact the Annapolis Porsche office to complain about Pate’s behavior to no avail. When she finally got a call back Tuesday afternoon, it was from Sonya Pate herself, obviously concerned that the story was going viral (she’d shut down her LinkedIn page). She attempted to apologize and it did not go well. Okechuwu pulled a full Omarosa and recorded everything.

Then there was the half ass apology by the drunk Porsche employee, take a listen….

The End Result: Apology from Solis Two & Porsche Drive

Solis Hotel: Solis Hotel’s mission is to provide welcoming hospitality to all guests, without prioritizing any guest over another, to experience the food and beverage outlets and amenities of the hotel. In response to a recent guest disturbance in the lounge, we have had the opportunity to personally meet with and express our apology to some of the guests whose night was disrupted. We have reviewed the occurrence thoroughly, and want to be clear that these guests were not asked to leave the premises. We are proud that our hotel is a gathering place within the international city of Atlanta, and we continue to be dedicated to the highest level of hospitality, fostering relationships within our local and travel communities.

Porsche of Annapolis: Porsche of Annapolis was saddened and sorry to hear about the incident at an Atlanta hotel involving one of our employees. Please know that Porsche of Annapolis does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. After investigation, we have made our decision and terminated that person’s employment.