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Drink Recipe with Gin: Black Gin Cocktail

Auckland bartender Madeleine Tate (Kindred) won the MIXLDN Global Bartender Competition with her cocktail, the Chimney Sweeper. The drink features a variety of elements from the film Mary Poppins. The hazy skies of London as the sun is setting and the black rooftops bursting with soot were the main source of inspiration for the cocktail itself, while also being reminiscent of a classic London gin based cocktail The White Lady. Madeleine travels to London in February to represent New Zealand for the grand prize.


Image result for Beefeater London Dry Gin

45ml Beefeater London Dry Gin
10ml PX Sherry
15ml Amaro Montenegro
20ml lemon juice
1 bar spoon of caster sugar
20ml egg white
1 dash of black food colouring

1. Dry shake all ingredients.

2. Wet shake all ingredients.

3. Fine strain into a coupe glass.


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