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Draya WTF Is This? And, Who Is Eating This On Christmas Day?

Draya Michele has to be an unofficial member of the Masochist Club of Urban America along with the likes of Tyrese Gibson and Bow Wow. This crew appears to ask to be bashed and stomped at regular intervals for their penchant for posting idiotic, nonsensical and/or hideous creations on social media, such as this alleged dinner plate from the former reality star.i

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The funniest part of this routine Draya, who used to be a cast member on “Basketball Wives: LA,” dragging is that she almost appears to seek out the pummeling as she has posted photos and videos of her preparing some “struggling” dishes on the regular.

So here we go again. On Christmas Eve 2017, have a good laugh at some of the funniest responses to Draya Michele’s Christmas plate.

I’m tryna to figure out wtf is in those beans? Potatoes, Peaches, Mangos? Draya, do better.

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Draya Michele MAD at fans cracking jokes about her cooking