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DJ Whoo Kid Claims Drake Got Excited Watching Him Receive Oral Sex

Oh lord! Private Drizzy Drizzy isn’t going to be too happy about DJ Whoo Kid sharing this story

DJ Whoo Kid said he was getting head in a DJ booth one day, and he claims that Drake was trying to break his neck to watch Whoo Kid get head from a girl. As if that wasn’t enough, Whoo Kid even said that he thinks Drake may have been getting turned on by watching the act. He jokingly said, “Views from the DJ booth.”

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DJ Whoo Kid uses wild moment to joke about the possibility of Drake being a little bit “fruity.”

DJ Whoo Kid even suggested that the 6 God may be a little bit “fruity” before clearing it up as a joke.

Um I don’t know what to make of this, but I don’t think watching your home boy receive oral sex is the same as watching porn. Pause, pause, pause. LOL. What are your thoughts?