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DJ Khaled Teams With Weight Watchers To Shed Pounds


Khaled attributes the inspiration for his fat drop to the example set by his friend and professional collaborator, Fat Joe. Joe, who may need to consider a name change, has shed a total of 80 pounds to totally transform himself. Here’s what Khaled had to say about how his friend’s weight loss affected him . . .

“Joe lost so much weight that I can’t believe it. I was just on the phone with him and he was like, ’Khaled I wear a 1X. I walk into Bal Harbour, go to Gucci and whatever.’ 

Interestingly, Khaled recognized that Fat Joe’s weight loss was not only good for his shopping habits; it also helped to invigorate his career . . .

 “Now he goes into any store and buys a 1X. He said he feels the best he ever felt and he’s back in the studio working. I think by him losing all this weight, it just inspired him, just more inspiration for him to make more hit records.”


DJ Khaled cigarIn 2014, DJ Khaled was tipping that scale at 300 pounds. For a man who’s 5 foot six inches tall, that is dangerous territory. Fat Joe’s example brought Khaled to the realization that he needed to make some big changes if he was going to stick around.

Within 6 months, Khaled had lost a staggering 66 pounds, to bring his weight down to 234 pounds. Let’s find out how he did it.


Khaled has always been a huge meat eater. He would devour steaks by the plateful, complete with the fat. What’s more he’d do so late into the night. Then, when he was absolutely stuffed, he’d go to sleep, leaving all those calories with nothing to do pack themselves onto his already bursting frame.

Junk food and soda was another big problem area for Khaled. With so many things going on in his life, he found himself constantly on the run. Fast food was the easy option and he would eat a lot of it. Burger King was his favorite. At one sitting, he could easily consume 2000 calories!

DJ Khaled glassAfter getting inspiration from Fat Joe, however, Khaled knew it was time to get tough on himself. To make himself stop following his familiar, but oh so destructive pattern of eating, Khaled decided to go vegan. By cutting out meat, he’d be, in effect, cutting out the junk food – after all, who wants a Whopper without the meat patty?

Going vegan was a smart choice for Khaled. Vegetarianism is probably the smartest weight loss plan that there is. Plant based foods are not as calorie dense as meat bed foods, yet they are far more filling. This means that you can eat less and feel more satisfied. That is a great way to avoid hunger pangs and binge eating.

Khaled’s vegan turn-around started with a return to a structured eating plan. His previous eating style – the one that got him to a dangerous 300 pounds had him normally stopping in at the Burger King Drive Thru for a fat and grease ensconced meal of hash browns, pancakes and egg burgers. Now his breakfast was to be consumed at home before he left for work.

Breakfast cereals can be vegan friendly. Khaled preferred to go with Quaker Oats with almond milk. He’d add fruit such as apples, blueberries and bananas and top it with a touch of cinnamon.

Another popular breakfast option for Khaled was a bagel topped with banana. Getting fruit into his day was a great way to start the day energized and hydrated.

To get even more hydrated he would fill a 2 liter water bottle at breakfast time and sip from it constantly throughout the day. By lunch time it would be empty and he’d refill it.  His goal was to drink a massive 4 liters of water per day.

For lunch, Khalif went primarily with bread based meals. However, knowing that wheat was a major contributor to fat gain, he worked hard to decrease his amount of bread intake. He did this primarily by using lettuce leaves to wrap his sandwich contents.

DJ Khaled handPopular lettuce wrap fillings were hummus, salad and avocado. He’d would also have salads by themselves as a filling and nutritious lunch meal. His favorites were pasta salad, potato salad, couscous salad and quinoa salad.

DJ Khaled’s vegan dinners consisted of such fare as vegan quiche, stir fry with rice noodles and potato wedges, curries and chills, stuffed pepper and mushrooms. He also became a big soup consumer.

By cleaning up his diet and committing to a vegan eating pan, Khaled was able to rid himself of the destructive foods that had been causing him to become obese and dangerously unhealthy.


When it came to exercise. Khaled knew he had to be careful. At 300 pounds he had to be smart about the type of exercise that he chose to do. Anything that was too high impact could cause havoc on his joints. In conjunction with a personal trainer, it was decided that swimming would be the perfect low impact way for him to ease into some calorie burning exercise.

Three days per week, Khaled would hit the pool. He’d begin with some gentle stretching and then power walk up and down the length of the pool 10 times. From there he’d perform laps, starting with just 5 , but progressing each session until he was completing 25 laps. The workout would finish with a 10 minute aqua aerobic session during which he was moving in the water holding especially designed hand weights.

Because movement in the water is eight times more difficult than doing it on land, these workouts were a great way for Khalif to burn calories while protecting his overweight body from joint damage.

On the days that he wasn’t hitting the pool, DJ Khaled would go for a run around his local neighborhood. In fact, he started with just walking for a mile and slowly built to the point where he was able to jog for 30 minutes. This proved to be another effective calorie burner.


After six months of dedicated vegan editing, combined with his work in the pool and on the road, DJ Khaled had transformed himself. Dropping 64 pounds not only made him look a lot better, it made him feel younger, more energetic and more full of life. We can expect those benefits to translate themselves into an even greater creative output in the years ahead.