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DJ Gonnie Details The Shooting At The Pool Party & Kid Cali Last Moments Alive

Two days after up-and-coming rapper Kid Cali was fatally shot at a house party in Granada Hills, Los Angeles Police Department detectives are turning to the public to help them track down witnesses who may be able to help them find the gunman.

Victim is loaded into an ambulance Saturday night in Granada Hills, Calif. (Rick McClure, Los Angeles News Group)

Detectives are “trying to locate some partygoers – they’re actively doing that,” said LAPD Detective Mark O’Donnell of Valley Homicide Bureau.

The police department responded to the shooting at about 9 p.m. Saturday after receiving a report of gunfire at a home in the upscale San Fernando Valley community.

 When officers arrived, they discovered the 30-year-old hip-hop artist, whose real name is Justin Lishey, in the backyard of the home suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The Los Angeles Fire Department transported Lishey to an area hospital, where he later died from his injuries. Two other victims were taken to the hospital by private car. Both are listed in stable condition, police said.
Lishey was well known in the L.A.’s hip-hop community as Kid Cali and more recently as Cali OSo. In the hours leading up the party, he posted several flyers on his Instagram account saying he would be attending a party with recording artist Kid Red.

“I’m headed to this pool party wit my blood cuz’n @kidred n u kno we goin up,” the rapper wrote, along with an address of where attendees could wait to be picked up by a shuttle bus. The flier said the party would be held at a mansion in Granada Hills with a large pool, jacuzzi, food and cabanas. It was scheduled to run from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and tickets could be purchased on Eventbrite.


DJ Goonie details events at pool party that ends with Rapper Kid Cali’s murder: DJ Goonie was set to play the last two songs of a pool party at a mansion in Granada Hills, Saturday.  That’s when he heard several gunshots and turned to see the crowd scatter. He left his equipment to calm the crowd and find out if anyone was hurt.

He saw his friend Justin Lishey, better known as rapper Kid Cali, down on the ground, with his hands up near his chest, as if he was going to get up and brush himself off. Goonie says, at first, no one, not even Cali knew that he was hit by as many as six gunshots. According to the DJ, women, claiming to be registered nurses crowded around the 30 year old rapper.  A former medic wanted to perform CPR.

But Goonie moved everyone away.  Cali’s brother came to his side, told him he loved him and vowed to change his life.  All the while, Goonie wondered why it was taking the ambulance so long to arrive. “I called the police 3, 4 times, nobody’s coming. The helicopters up there, flashing a light. No ambulance is coming and it’s been 30 minutes already.”

In his efforts to keep Cali conscious, Goonie laid down beside him and talked to him.  “I’m like, Cali.  It’s Goonie.”  Cali took a deep breath and reached for him.  He reached his hand out and Goonie remembers Cali saying ‘Goonie, you’re my bro. I promise, I promise, I’m good, just help me up.  Let’s go. We’re about to get this mix tape out. Let’s take over the city.'”

The ambulance finally arrived and took Cali to the hospital where he died.  LAPD detectives are working to find the shooter and are hoping that witnesses will come forward. Goonie can’t say who shot his friend or why.  “Everybody has skeletons is his closet, but he was a really good guy, always had a smile on his face.”


Our prayers are with his family, friends and fans all over the world.


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