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Debut Album “AFRXWIZM” by Hip-Soul Duo HUEMANZ MILITIA


Always paying homage to the Motherland and every pro black group before us. We are HUEMANZ MILITIA and this is our -izm [this is the high of black wisdom]. Our peace and our power is what we share with our people, taking pride with everything we do as we deliver our message. Still operating from our base camp, Zixn Lyfe Records; and representing the Red, Black, and Green [RBG]. We are warriors of the AFRXW NATIXN, fighting devils as we rescue our people and deliver them to serenity. Throughout AFRXWIZM you will have the chance to tap into your inner peace as well as your inner revolutionary. We stay mixxn Hip-SXUL [a fusion of old school hip hop mixed with powerful emotions and feeling provoked by soul music]. Always at an opposition to the opposed, a dynamic duo mixxn the coldest sounds with the iLLest methods. [We are HUEMANZ MILITIA and we welcome you to AFRXWizm]

Released November 7, 2017


Production Credits:

J Dilla

Carter Da Harder

Wister Dice

Ezree Beats

Jay Illestrate

Thunders Beatz