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Dasha Shows What An Empowered Woman Looks Like In The Music Industry

Making music may be easy to some, but if you are serious about your craft and aspire to compete with the ones who have been doing it for years then you must take your time and not rush to release. Take Dasha Chadwick for example, it took her a little over 4 years to bring her latest album “The Howard Roark Project” to life. She had to make sure everything was aligned perfectly and then everything flowed from there. There is no question that Dasha has the talent and passion to be taken seriously in this industry. We had the opportunity to sit down with Dasha about her new album and music video Loving You below. Make sure to watch her latest video of Loving You exclusively here on Swagggirlicious Media.

Congratulations on your Album release for The Howard Roark Project! What does this project Album to you?

Thank you! It means everything to get it done and out to the people. It has been a project that has taken a little over 4 years.

How did your fans respond to your album and what are some of the feedback from the project?

I have been receiving a lot of support from everyone, fans, friends and blogs included! People are sharing their favorite songs and why which is cool because they are never the same, everyone connects with something different. The bloggers have been writing some amazing things about my music, sometimes it makes me all emotional. It’s really humbling and beautiful the see people finally get it, get me.

Was this project everything you’d hope it turn out to be?
I think it was.  Maybe a little more…I didn’t project 212k plays on SoundCloud the first month by any means. I think actually seeing it spread this quickly is what I didn’t expect.  As far as the album sonically, it is what I wanted.  I was heavily involved with every aspect from writing to approving all mixes and masters. When I write, I typically hear the full finished song in my head so I made sure it matched my vision.

How long did it take to make this project come to life and what were some of the challenges of making it successful?

Ultimately, it took a little over 4 years, maybe longer.  Rob Deez and I had been going back and forth about doing an album. Recording songs that we would use for our catalog, if nothing else, but some songs just felt like they needed to be in one project . We have been working together for more than 10 years so we just flow easily creatively. We started it and stopped, because of me, letting life and my own issues get in the way. I had a lot of people tell me I was too old, or that I shouldn’t be an artist, amongst other things and I let that get to me. It took a while to get to a place where I was like “fuck it, imma do me” and around that time Frank Swisher, my other producer, came on board and the rest is history.

Will you be performing any of your new music in Los Angeles anytime soon?
Well, I’m actually always performing, lol. It’s my bread and butter.  But we are now working towards tour dates with other artists.  I will also be doing a Press and Coaktails/ Album Release at the end of the month where I’ll be performing with my band.  So we will be full speed ahead on that tip soon! The best way to find out about upcoming shows is by following me on social media (@thedivinedivah) or by tracking me on the BandsinTown app.

Love the music video! What was your inspiration of producing this video for “Loving You”?
Thank you!  I just wanted it to be and feel real. It was my hopes to portray a real life senario where one partner in a relationship sabotages a good thing and after doing so realizes that they had all they needed in that relationship. I feel like people do this everyday, especially with love.

How can your fans get a copy of your new album?
They can get it from almost every outlet you can imagine!  ITUNES  (http://bit.do/thrp), Amazon, GooglePlay, Tidal, Spotify or directly from me at: www.iwillsingforfood.com

Do you have anyone you would like to thank that helped bring this project to life?

Yes, Rob Deez and Frank Swisher for bringing me the best canvases to paint on, for pushing me and being patient with me when I wanted to give up.  For seeing and trusting my vision with their music. To my mother, family and friends for not letting me move back home after many nights of fighting with myself. For always telling me I could and for cheering for me when I did.

The Howard Roark Project

The Howard Roark Project

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