Daily Horoscope 6/29

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Aries: Lately it’s been easier to dance around the idea of intensifying a relationship than to actually do anything about it. However, your key planet Mars turns direct in your 8th House of Intimacy, motivating you to deepen a partnership now. Instead of distracting yourself with someone or something new, work through this metamorphosis, even if you don’t know where the transformation will lead. Impatience can be your downfall, but it’s wise to exhaust all your options before admitting defeat. Your tenacity will overcome all obstacles if your connection is meant to last.

Taurus: You might be quite contemplative today as you try to gain perspective on a key relationship. If retrograde Mars has stymied positive developments over the past couple of months, his direct turn in your 7th House of Companions indicates that forward movement is imminent. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to keep your annoyance from growing into anger when progress doesn’t occur according to your plan. Thankfully, reaching out to those you love plants seeds of hope for the future.

Gemini: Sometimes you quickly lose interest and place your attention elsewhere when you don’t see immediate results from your efforts. Your recent laissez-faire attitude at work might have contributed to a lack of observable progress. However, action-planet Mars turns direct in your 6th House of Daily Routine today, motivating you to overcome sluggishness on the job. You have fiddled with your plans long enough; it’s time to swing into action and hope for the best.

Cancer: Although confrontation is rarely your cup of tea, your immediate reaction is to stand up for the underdog if someone tries to railroad their opinion over everyone else’s today. Throwing caution to the wind is admirable if your cause is worthwhile. Nevertheless, you will be more effective if you reflect on what you want to say before your emotions hijack your logic. A few seconds of patience during a moment of anger can save you from unnecessary regret.

Leo: Your spirit of risk-taking is encouraged today as impulsive Mars turns direct in your 4th House of Roots. The gears of change begin to engage at a very fundamental level, prompting you to get new projects up and running. Although you might prefer more immediate gratification from your bold initiative, you can draw from a very deep well of determination as you strive to advance in your chosen career. Doors will open if you’re bold enough to knock.

Virgo: You have grown weary of paddling as hard as you can, only to find you’re still drifting in the same circles. However, plans that were postponed start to take shape once superhero Mars turns direct in your 3rd House of Immediate Environment. Although there are powerful forces to overcome, it’s time to restate your goals and put a solid plan into play. It may take a couple of weeks yet to see real progress, but it’s today’s actions that will determine tomorrow’s success.

Libra: Adapting your vision for the future to the three-dimensional world is top priority now. You have an opportunity to connect the ideal and the real when physical Mars turns direct in your 2nd House of Resources. The action planet’s forward shift in powerful Scorpio energizes you with the motivation and materials required to fuel your ambitions. Investing in your education will enhance your competence and increase your ability to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Scorpio: Your waiting period is finally over and perhaps you already see the signs of a cosmic green light up ahead. Recent frustrations will begin to fade in the rear-view mirror as your ruling planet Mars turns direct in your 1st House of Self, starting a work party that lasts until it leaves your sign on August 2. But there’s no time to waste; the winds of change are blowing in your direction. Nevertheless, make the most of this propitious moment by pursuing your passion with all of your might.

Sagittarius: Releasing the past automatically frees up your creative resources. Your recent progress may fall short of your expectations, but development has been occurring behind the scenes. Dynamic Mars turns direct in your 12th House of Destiny to mark the beginning of a new wave of forward momentum. Ironically, you are also at the end of a larger cycle of self-expression between now and August, when Mars enters your sign. In the meantime, continue to chase your dreams with the confidence that today’s persistence will bring the results you seek.

Capricorn: Your hard work is likely to pay off as long as you involve others in your endeavors. Thankfully, persuasive Mars turns direct in your 11th House of Social Networking, inspiring you to deliver a convincing argument as you gather support for your cause. Although working within a group may be most effective, be prepared to push on alone if necessary. Don’t judge anyone too swiftly; leave the invitation open-ended for someone to join you on your adventures later on.

Aquarius: You need to get something off your chest today and are ready to speak your truth even if others don’t want to hear it. Although you might be itching for some verbal fireworks, it’s not necessarily in your best interest to disregard everyone else’s feelings just so you can express your own. Exercising discretion is part of a winning strategy if you’re willing to take the high road and keep your mouth shut. Reevaluating your motives before you say a word turns out to be the smartest move now for everyone involved.

Pisces: Although you may have experienced more than your fair share of setbacks in recent months, the tide is about to turn and worldly success will be within your grasp. Fortunately, Mars turns direct in your 9th House of Big Ideas, placing unfulfilled dreams back on the front burner. Keep the faith, even if you feel a bit discouraged by the snail’s pace at which things are moving. Don’t let your impressive amount of hard work go to waste just because you’re impatient for results now. Regardless of the temptation, shortcuts won’t save you time. Slow and steady wins the race.

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