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Courtlin Arrington; The 17-Year-Old Black Girl Killed In Birmingham School Shooting

Too often we are being asked to remember our young ones who are being killed in these high school shootings. Courtlin Arrington is another name we need to remember, with her life being cut short, her family and friends are only left with high school memories of her.

(Madamenoire)A 17-year-old girl in Birmingham, Alabama was killed on Wednesday at her high school in what the police initially called an “accidental” shooting.

We’ve all heard about the Parkland school shooting that occurred last month. The massacre claimed over 17 lives, and of course, people are still trying to wrap their heads around yet another school shooting. Well, according to AL.com, another one happened in Birmingham, Alabama on Wednesday. It hasn’t gotten much nationwide coverage yet, but this speaks to the fact that these shootings happen a…..