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Chicago Artist Miss Chiff Drops New Video “Movin Up” ft. Sex The Rapper

Miss Chiff and Sex The Rapper take new single “Movin’ Up” to a new level with the release of their music video. Modeling the scene of a ceremony for a secret society, the video kicks off with Miss Chiff surrounded by women, covered in cloaks, face masks, in formation. Ready to take on any encounter, Miss Chiff makes it known she’s queen and isn’t stopping. Sex the Rapper appears in the scene to back up Miss Chiff’s reign leading the men in the ceremony. “Movin’ Up” speaks as a metaphor of transition, the upper echelon and exceeding the expectation of others.

The mysterious setting and lighting adds to the mood of the video making scenes more dramatic and cinematic. With the many visuals to come, the video is setting the bar for Miss Chiff’s upcoming album “Alpha,” showing the industry she is a force to be reckoned with.


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