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Anyway, judging by newest rumors, the 2018 Mazda RX-7 will have a lot in common with the RX-VISION concept. Moreover, there will be no too many differences between production and concept version. Though, the carmaker might reconsider to change rooflines, simply because the concept car features too low rooflines. In addition, the front-end styling will almost definitely get a different, bit larger grille.

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Plus, the sports car might get slightly revised headlights, because the concept lights seem too aggressive. The carmaker will probably add door handles to the production model, as well as slightly redesigned alloy wheels. In the rear, the 2018 Mazda RX-7 might feature redesigned taillights without the floating spoiler, as well as completely different exhaust pipes.

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Inside, the 2018 Mazda RX-7 will likely receive a few changes in comparison to the concept. The Japanese car manufacturer might reconsider to add an infotainment screen, as well as a standard center stack, which actually comes with buttons. Aldo, they won’t skip the chance to add a multi-function steering wheel, while the cab might get some retro details, which will reminiscent on the old RX-7.


Under the hood, the 2018 Mazda RX-7 will feature a completely new engine, but we have no other information about it except it’s the new-generation rotary and that it is going to be able to develop at least 250 horsepower. Plus, the engine will reportedly be able to achieve a top-speed of 150 mph, while 0-60 spring should be around 5 seconds, which is not so bad if it’s the truth.

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Even though we have nothing official regarding the car’s price, it’s quite clear it’s going to be a more expensive option from the current Miata. As far as we think, the 2018 Mazda RX-7 will cost at least $35,000. The iconic sports car should be introduced early next year, perhaps at the 2018 Detroit auto show.



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