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Cardi B Will Be Co-hosting The Tonight Show Next Week

Cardi B could not have predicted a better way for things to fall in place in her life. Now she can ass Co-Host to her resume of ‘Money Moves’ as she is set to appear with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. This is going to be EPIC and we are here for it. Watch her first interview below

Cardi B is breaking glass ceiling for new female artists

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(Yahoo) For the first time in the entire history of NBC’s The Tonight Show, someone will be cracking some inoffensive topical jokes and asking softball questions as a co-host. And we think you know who it is, okurrrr! Cardi B is joining Jimmy Fallon to host the Monday, April 9 show, where she’ll be doing everything from performing a jam from her upcoming album to sitting in with Fallon to interview all of the evening’s guests.

(The guests have yet to be announced. Come through, new BFFs Joaquin Phoenix and Will Ferrell!) The rapper already had a memorable sit-down with Fallon last year, where she stunned him into silence with her high-pitched chirping noises and meowing. She also performed “No Limit” with G-Eazy back in the fall, albeit without any meowing — a real missed opportunity. Get ready for the part three in this trilogy.

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