Breaking: Active Female Shooter Reported At YouTube HQ

Between school shootings and workplace shootings no one is safe anywhere seems like. Police are warning people to stay out of the area. This story is still developing so there details are very limited. Stay tune for story updates….

At some point or another the people are going to have to feel safe again or employee production will fail…

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(Tech Crunch) Reports of an active shooter at YouTube’s  San Bruno, CA headquarters have been reported on social media. Local news station KRON is reporting a number of 911 calls in the area related to the event. Local police have also issued a warning for bystanders to stay out of the area.

San Bruno’s police chief  Ed Barberini confirmed in a brief press conference, calling it a “fluid situation,” adding,

We have four victims who have all been transported for gunshot related injuries and we have one suspect who is deceased inside the building with a self-inflicted wound, who at this time we believe to be the shooter but we are still following up on that.

The department confirmed that the individual believed to be the shooter is a female. Two of the four victims were discovered “at an adjacent business.” All of the wounds on the victims are believed to be “treatable.” 

The video service’s Bay Area headquarters houses more than 1,100 employees, according to Google. TechCrunch has confirmed with San Bruno Police that there is an on-going incident in the area, but the department has yet to issue an official statement. They have, however, confirmed with The Hollywood Report that the situation constitutes a “very active scene.”  

Snap Maps photos from the area confirm that a large scale evacuation appears to be underway at the office building. In addition to the images of multiple police cars, eye witness reports have also noted the presence of the bomb squad and fire trucks at the scene.

Google has issued a statement noting that it is “coordinating with authorities,”promising further updates as information becomes available. The company has also confirmed the location of the incident through its own Maps app, pinpointing the location and noting nearby road closures.

A spokesperson for San Francisco General Hospital, a nearby Level 1 trauma center, has confirmed with a local station that it has begun admitting patients from the incident. A spokesperson for the hospital confirmed in a press briefing that the hospital has admitted between three and five patients, but has yet to release information about their status. Stanford Health Care Center says that it is also expecting around four to five patients.  TechCrunch has also been in touch with a number of nearby hospitals.

We will update this story as we learn more.