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Bootsy Collins & Dr. Dre Are Cooking New Beats In The Studio

Looks like the music gods are on our side as well patiently wait for what these two are cooking up to be released.

*Funk legend Bootsy Collins has given Dr. Dre fans hope that the producer’s long awaited final album “Detox” will possibly see the light of day.

“We’re putting stuff together,” the bass-player told Billboard, adding that he spent studio time with Dre during a trip to California in February.

“[I’m] producing and playing [on his solo record],” Collins says, clearly eager to say a bit more but stopping himself from spilling anything else about his visit with the reclusive genius, who has stopped talking about his long-anticipated swan song. “And you know… yeah. That’s the bottom line without giving everything away.”

Smiling so wide his star-emblazoned front tooth catches some glint from the overhead lights in the spacious home studio on the grounds of his rural Cincinnati compound, the funk originator described the music he heard as an evolution of the producer/rapper’s classic G-Funk sound and something brand-new. “He’s evolving,” adds Collins’ wife/manager, Patti Collins.

Patti explains that one of Dre’s producing partners is a good friend of the couple’s and, of course, so is Dre, so when the producer asked if Bootsy would drop by when the couple were in California earlier this year, it was impossible to pass up the invitation.

Source: eurweb  |  Photo: Dr. Dre & Bootsy Collins Instagram