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Blac Chyna Flaunts the ‘Power of P*ssy’ in Belly Music Video

Blac Chyna stars in Belly’s new music video — and it looks like she used it to take a little jab at her relationship with Rob Kardashian. In the wake of controversy surrounding her relationship with Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna is teaming up with Belly. The model is set to star in the XO rapper’s forthcoming “P.O.P. (Power of Pussy)” music video.

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Belly and Chyna both shared images from the shoot over the weekend, which finds the model dressed in white lingerie and a white fur coat. While the song isn’t about Rob specifically, there’s one line where Belly raps… “P.O.P. (Power of Pussy)” is a single off Belly’s forthcoming Glorious project and it “focuses on the strength of a woman and female empowerment,” according to a press release.

Belly previously premiered “P.O.P.” during The Weeknd’s “Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour.” “Perfection personified,” he raps on the track. “I was powerless in her presence / Acting all possessive, I tried to buy her possessions / Just a peasant, possessed by the power that she possesses / Presented her my heart, she broke it like a professional / That’s P.O.P. The power of pussy.” “She took you for everything, You let her do it again”

In April, Belly announced Glorious and debuted its title track. The project is set to follow last year’s InZombia and Another Day in Paradise.

Earlier this month, Rob Kardashian accused Chyna of having a threesome with T.I. and Tiny. He also posted nude images of her online, berating her for allegedly being unfaithful during their relationship. Chyna responded by filing for a restraining order against the reality television star and the father of her youngest child, an eight-month-old, Dream.

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Chyna better be careful before Rob decides to come after her for child support


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