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Beyonce ‘Laughing’ Over Wendy Williams Cheating Drama 5 Years After Major Diss

‘How does that Lemonade taste?’ Beyonce has been ‘smiling and laughing’ over the cheating drama Wendy Williams is currently going through with her husband. Especially after Wendy said she’s dumb.

It looks like Chris Brown isn’t the only one loving Wendy Williams‘ cheating scandal. “Beyonce has been smiling and laughing over Wendy’s situation with her husband Kevin [Hunter]. Wendy has been on Beyonce’s list of people she doesn’t like ever since the talk show host said Bey sounds like she has a fifth grade education. Beyonce never forgets disses like that and now she finds it entertaining that Wendy’s husband could be leading a double life with another woman,” a source close to the singer says.
“Beyonce thinks that Wendy is getting the karma she deserves. Bey also thinks that Wendy, who always judges and criticizes others, now looks like a hypocrite. Beyonce even joked with her friends, ‘How does that lemonade taste Wendy?”

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Ouch! Rough stuff, right? As we previously told you, Wendy Williams‘ husband Kevin, 45, reportedly had an affair with a massage therapist. Our insiders say Wendy is pulling through the situation as best she can, but Beyonce’s laughter at Wendy’s expense is probably like throwing salt in an open wound. And believe us when we say this wound is still very much open. “Wendy is putting on a very brave face for the cameras, but behind the scenes she is furious,” an insider close to the host.  “She can’t believe that Kevin would put her in a situation like this, and she’s utterly mortified.”

Just days after Wendy Williams and her husband of 20 years were photographed canoodling and being all cute on the beach in Barbados, he was seen out and about with Sharina Hudson — who he’s supposedly been having an affair with for more than 10 years. Welcome to Hollywood, guys.

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The Daily Mail reported after a year-long investigation that Kevin Hunter splits his time between the home he shares with 53-year-old Williams and their teenage son Kevin Jr. in New Jersey and the secluded $765,000 home he shares just nine miles down the road with the 32-year-old massage therapist. Before we write this off as just another insane celebrity rumor, there are some pieces of evidence worth looking at.

Once Wendy, 53, discovers Beyonce is laughing at her, she’s probably going to become even more furious. But does she deserve it after saying Beyonce sounds like she has a fifth grade education, as she did in December 2012? (Watch the video below.) We’ll let you decide.

Written by Chris Rogers

Wendy Williams Defends Husband In Cheating Scandal: ‘I Stand By My Guy!’

Wendy Williams has finally addressed those cheating rumors about her beloved husband Kevin Hunter RadarOnline.com has learned. Straight from her hosting chair on The Wendy Williams Show, the star addressed the elephant in the room, warning viewers not to believe the hype. “It’s weird doing Hot Topics and being a hot topic, ” she said. “It’s some sort of weird story going around the Internet regarding my husband. Without giving the story too much attention, you can believe what you want.”

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As Radar readers know, Hunter, 46, was recently bashed for allegedly leading a double life and hiding his raunchy mistress from his longtime wife. Sources even said he was “in love” with both women! Then, as she lifted up her hand and flashed her ritzy wedding ring, she stated: “I stand by my guy. We commuted this morning. All is well in Hunterville, don’t believe the hype and if there was hype, believe me you — I would let you know.”

However, it’s not clear how much Williams knows about the affair. A spokesperson for the daytime TV host denied the allegations about Hunter.  “One plus one does not equal three. This woman is a friend of Mr. Hunter but there is no ‘there’ there.”

Hunter has reportedly been spotted multiple times at the house and coming and going, and sources close to him say his relationship with Wendy makes it so he can regularly see Hudson. “Kevin and Sharina do go out in public together, there’s a steakhouse Kevin likes to go to, but they mainly stay in the house and hang out,” the source said.

Kevin isn’t a touchy-feely person so you’d never see them kissing or hugging in public and if they ever see anybody she knows the drill, he introduces her as his sister. Kevin has pretty much trained her so she knows what to do.”

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Hunter has even met Hudson’s family, and the source says they’re not a fan of him and think that he’s just stringing their daughter along. Williams’ caught her husband cheating in 2001, after the birth of their son. But she’s spoken publicly about the incident and said it made their relationship stronger. She was also sued in 2008 over claims that Hunter had sexually harassed a member of her staff, allegedly that he often assaulted his wife on company property.

The claim alleges that he even choked Williams once and pinned her against the wall of a studio. The $5 million case was settled out of court. And that’s not all. In 2012, a sex tape of man who was said to be Hunter with another woman was released. Williams denied it was her husband. Could this finally be the last straw that gets Williams to leave this seemingly awful man? Only time will tell.

The TV host, 53, has been married to Hunter for over 20 years, and was recently spotted on a romantic beach vacation with him, before the infidelity rumors began. Concluded the star in her popular show: “I’ll be following this story, so I guess I’ll have to watch to find out what happens.”

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