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Amber Rose Wanting To Milking The Sex Business

Since every man and most women like salivating over Amber Rose, it’s right she leaves her mark behind for all her fans and she is doing just that by looking to dominate the pleasure industry, with a new line of dildos.

Amber recently filed for trademarks to protect the names “Muva” and “Amber Rose” for her new business, which will produce penis enlargers and inflatable life-sized sex dolls. According to TheBlast.com, Amber has also filed to protect the name “Muva’s House,” for a new nightclub featuring live dancers and entertainment.

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Last year, Amber Rose announced she was the new owner of a club called Ace Of Diamonds but just after she made the announcement, Amber was hit with a $1 million dollar slander lawsuit by the owners of an established strip club already named Ace Of Diamonds.