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Alyssa Milano Sues Her Former Business Manager for Sending Her Into Financial Ruin

Alyssa Milano has found herself in a sticky financial situation, and she says her former business manager is to blame. On Friday, the 44-year-old actress filed a $10 million lawsuit against Kenneth Hellie and his firm, Hellie, Hoffer & Co., for severe misconduct. Specifically, she claimed that Hellie forged her signature on checks, failed to pay overdue bills and taxes, and coerced her into making bad investments in a business in which he was also an investor — without disclosing the conflict of interest. (Just FYI, that’s a big no-no.)

The Charmed alum stated that Hellie’s reckless (and grossly illegal) actions left both her and her husband, talent agent David Bugliari, “millions of dollars in debt and their credit in ruins.”

According to Milano, things started to go awry when Hellie dropped the ball on overseeing a home remodeling project for the couple. Because of his bad management, she alleged, she ended up sinking $5 million into a house that is now worth no more than $3 million. (That’s not the way the math on home improvements is supposed to work.) Additionally, she said the accountants didn’t bother to notify her of Ventura County building code violations, instead letting them linger for over five years and leading to a lien and $376,950 in fines. Yikes.


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