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All-Star Weekend – So What About That National Anthem Song by Fergie?

Boy oh boy, what has Fergie gotten herself into and who in the hell told her that her rendition was a good one? They need to be FIRED!  The world is not sure if she was attempting to do a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Amy Winehouse voice but it was horrible.

For starters, the NBA All-Star Game was, according to most listings, supposed to start at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday night. It ended up starting at 8:41. What’s more, the 41-minute pregame routine was an absolute disaster. And it saved the worst for last. Fergie’s national anthem was … well, just watch players’ facial expressions, and listen for yourself:

Heaven help our ears…

It got to the point where people were openly laughing at Fergie’s performance. When the broadcast zoomed in on Draymond Green, the Warriors star couldn’t keep a straight face.

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All-Star Weekend / TNT Photo Image

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