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Airbnb Partnering With NAACP To Bring More Black Hosts Following Backlash

Airbnb, it’s time to diversify! The popular home and apartment, share and rental business was hit with a lot of scandal over reports of discrimination against people of color—though the company claims to uphold an anti-discrimination policy. It got so bad that other home-sharing services for African-Americans, like Noirbnb and Innclusive, emerged just to give Black people a  We always come up with ways to look out for our own!

Of course, Airbnb started feeling the heat, and now the company is teaming up with the NAACP to save their image and bring in more revenue. The NAACP is planning on helping Airbnb find more black hosts, expand services to minority communities, and offer better diversity training.  “For too long, black people and other communities of color have faced barriers to access new technology and innovations,” Derrick Johnson, interim president and chief executive of the NAACP. The organization will school Airbnb on the benefits of hosting in predominantly black neighborhoods, and come up with creative ways to increase the number of travelers in those areas!

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Over the years, guests and hosts of color have found it difficult to either book trips or share their homes, or have had racist encounters. These issues with Airbnb have been brewing for a while, and sparked hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack where people shared their outrageous experiences.

After all of this backlash, at least Airbnb has enough sense to realize something needs to change. The company spokesman, Nick Papas, confirmed Airbnb is taking a “series of steps to fight bias and promote inclusion, including experimenting with reducing the prominence of guest photos in the booking process.”

The company hopes to increase employee diversity from 9.6 percent to 11 percent by the end of the year. In addition, the leadership is donating 20 percent of the funds that they get from this outreach effort back to the NAACP. So it’s a big win all around!


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