Indie artist Journii Walker shares why the pandemic made her celibacy easier

It wasn’t the pandemic that caused 31-year-old Journii Walker — a music artist, songwriter and influencer — to practice celibacy. Walker was in her third year of celibacy when the world shut down but her sexual status was due to her personal convictions. Walker chronicled her celibate journey on social media, when she completely stopped having sex and intimacy, committing herself to her future husband.

This year, she celebrates her fourth year of celibacy. Thanks to COVID, it is a lifestyle trend many are enduring. Here is how Walker is thriving while celibate and why she will continue the lifestyle after the pandemic ends.

What made you choose a celibate lifestyle? 

After several failed relationships, I decided to transform myself from the inside out. During that journey, my spirit and soul led me to recommit myself to celibacy until married. I now only want to share my body with my husband and I will wait a lifetime for him.

Celibacy also helps me protect my heart, soul, and spirit during the dating process. Most of the time, once I tell a man I’m celibate until marriage, it weeds out certain men. I am OK with that because I know I am a queen and a prize worth waiting for.

What is your advice for anyone considering celibacy?

Celibacy is as easy or as hard as you make it. It’s only impossible if you make it impossible and it’s only possible if you make it possible.

I think sex is a beautiful thing. I’m not doing this because I hate sex or because I think sex is bad.

What is something you wished people knew about being celibate?

I really dug deeper into the spiritual side of sex. I realized that you are truly combining your soul and spirit with every person you choose to have sex with. If you decide not to build a life with the person you have sex with, it makes it extremely hard for you to get over them during the breakup stage. I also wish I had surrounded myself with more women and men who were celibate as well, prior to committing to celibacy.

What rules did you create around your celibacy?

I had to put strategies in place to reduce temptation so I don’t spend the night [at] any men’s house that I date. I don’t allow men to spend the night [at] my house.

I’m personally not being a wife to a boyfriend. If a man wants to stay overnight with me or if he wants me to come to his house and watch movies and cuddle, well he needs to be my husband.

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